Questions Where To Watch Innocence Of Muslims At Yahoo! Answers Deleted

Do you know that many folks out there are trying to watch that crappy movie “Innocence of Islam” on  the Internet?

Probably it is because this anti-Islam movie has  sparked massive uncontrolled anti-US protests around world.

They even went over to Yahoo! Answers to ask: “Where can i watch “innocence of  Muslim“?

where to watch innocence of muslims

But Yahoo! Answers has deleted the question.

yahoo answers deleted innocence of muslims question

Besides YouTube, I know there is another U.S.-based video-sharing website which still hasn’t removed the Innocence Of Muslims trailer.

For those countries which have blocked YouTube access, people are watching it through a proxy server.

As reported in Malaysiankini, Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia or Perkasa has claimed that the US government financed this blasphemous film.