Interesting Facts About Malaysia Make Money Online

Make money online in Malaysia: We always see advertisements in the local papers inviting you to join their free seminars or workshops (free book included) on how to start a profitable online business from the comfort of your home.

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Can You Make Money Online In Malaysia?

They promise you that they have iron-clad secrets for online success. And they are talking about making anything above $10,000 per month income even if you don’t have your own product or some even claim you don’t even need to know anything about Internet or a computer. Wow!

Interestingly, these Malaysians who claim they can make easily make five or six-figure online income per month, are still NOT among the top richest men in Malaysia; for instance like Robert Kuok, Arnanda Krishnan, Teh Hong Piow, etc.

If they truly make so much money online in Malaysia, they must be those Malaysians who contribute quite a hefty sum to income tax. Or is it that they never report their big income to the Inland Revenue Board?

Just check out these simple questions:

*If you can easily earn online income of $10,000 per month in Malaysia in the comfort of your home, would you still take the trouble and spend money to organize and promote free seminars for strangers outside the comfort of your home?

*If you can make USD 36,322.57 on the Internet in just one month in Malaysia, do you still spend money putting up a small miserable black & white press ad in the papers, inviting people to your FREE workshop?

With that kind of money you make, I am sure you can put up a full page ad in full color. In addition, you can charge people for a premium fee. Right or not?

*If you have the so-called secrets to make money from Internet while you sleep like a baby, do still have to spend your precious time (2 hours) to talk to total strangers for FREE in some hotels (no, it’s not Ritz-Carlton or JW Marriott) around Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya? And not sleeping like a baby at home?

*If you can come up with effortless free ways to create your own in-demand downloadable product within minutes (sometimes instantly!), why do you still want to waste your effort and time sharing your breakthrough ideas for FREE?

*If you can make USD 15,561.39 in less that one week, then why do you want to tell your so-called “ultimate secret” for FREE to anyone?

*If you can make USD30,000 per month (which is currently RM91,680.00) without selling any product as claimed, then why are you only charging RM38  per student for three-hour seminar?

Don’t give me your I-belief-in-sharing crap. Just share with us your easily-earn online income. Don’t waste your valuable time (and ours too!), telling us about tips and techniques of making money online, which we all can get it FREE of charge online.

Do yourself an even better deed. Just contribute openly to the many deserving welfare associations in the country. This is even more than sharing. You are doing yourself a big favor too. God is watching.

*Or is it that you yourself don’t actually and easily make that kind of money from Internet all the time?

*Or is it that you need people to buy your “secret-formula” kit, so then only you can earn money while you sleep?

*Or is it you want to be popular in Malaysia? With all the skills and talents of making such profitable income online, I am sure you can easily be the toast of the town at a drop of a hat. Paid a good PR company to do it for you. Or just call up any local papers or TV stations in town. Or just write and publish books about how smart you all just like Donald Trump.

Or is it that,…..err…I don’t think I have to say more about making money online in Malaysia.

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