Interesting Malaysia Facts: Kajol Kelantan Mabuk Janda Fame

Here is a piece of entertaining story from our Interesting Malaysian Facts file:  Last month, the world was talking, or rather criticizing about the Terengganu Education Department for sending 66 lembik and lembut (soft or effeminate) boys to the four-day boot camp in Besut, because of their effeminate tendencies. According to the state education director, he said that the program was intended as a means “to guide them back to the right path in life before they reach a point of no return”–presumably to homosexuality.

kajo kelantan transsexual singer

Talking about Malaysians having effeminate tendencies, it reminds me of “Kajol Kelantan.” I’ not talking about the famous Hindi film actress, but this local Kajol  is also equally famous in his  or her own right, in the East Cost of Malaysia, especially Kelantan

24 year-old Kajol or Mohd Hafiz Jafri is a well-known Mak Nyah (transsexual) singer, who sings dikir barat tunes, but he is more known for dangdut tunes or lagu berentak Bollywood (songs ala Bollywood beat).

Kajol is an orang asli (Temiar).  Effeminate Kajol Kelantan as been singing since he was 11 years old and he has 25 albums under his belt. He has performed countless live performances to the delights of his fans in the East Coast. According to Kajol, his monthly performing schedule is always fully packed.

His popular hits which includes “Madah Berhelah“, “Mabuk Janda” and Goyang Senggol“. Kajol is notorious for his naughty hip swaying and gyrating, while singing.

Recently Kajol was detained by enforcement officers from the Department of Islamic Affairs Kelantan or Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Kelantan (JHEAIK) during the Ops Insaf for indecent dressing (or rather cross dressing) during a public performance in a Expo in Tanah Merah. 

After the unfortunate “Kajol kena tangkap” news, transsexual Kajol Kajol said that he was disappointed. Kajol  has decided to stop performing in Kelantan completely. But he will continue to produce albums and only perform outside Kelantan.

When asked about his sexuality, Kajol said, “I would rather die than to change (be a real man). I do not intentionally want to be women, but because of the women’s instinct which exists in me since childhood.”

When asked whether he had undergone sex change surgery, Kajol Kelantan refused to comment, as it is a personal matter.

Just go over to You Tube and watch talented Kajol Kelantan sings and gelek.
Sexuality Quote: “My sexuality has never been a problem to me but I think it has been for other people.” – Dusty Springfield

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