Interesting Malaysia Facts: Star Online News Portal Most Viewed From Other Dailies

Here is another one of the many interesting Malaysia facts:
According to Malaysia Digital association (MDA) The Star Online portal is one the top news portal visited by Malaysians. 

This successful news portal site is said to be the first local website to get more than a million hits a month; that is only six months after its launch in 1995.

According to MDA, the Star Online is the third most visited local website, behind and

The Star Online has won numerous awards, including a third place in the magazine’s Online Media 2009 Award category, “Most Popular Local Website” award at the Malaysia Internet Awards, etc.

For July 2009, comScore ranked Star online news portal as the second most popular news/information site in Malaysia, with 611,000 total unique visitors.

I agree the Star Online news portal is very popular with Malaysians. But I notice that for most days, if not every day, the top two or three “Most Viewed” pages are NOT from The Star’s  very own reports. They are from other news and views which is compiled from the local vernacular newspapers. It is usually sensational stuff like, celebrity gossips, rapes, incests, khalwat (close proximity) cases, and supernatural mumbo-jumbo.

Here is an example from The Star online news portal as published today (18th May, 2011).  

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