Islam Christmas? Malaysian-Born Muslim Who Celebrates Christmas

Do you know there is a Malaysian-born Muslim lady who lives in Los Angeles, celebrates Christmas with her Muslim friends?

She is singer-songwriter Ani Zonneveld and this Muslim doesn’t celebrate Christmas like normal Malaysian Muslims, who just merely wish their Christian friends “Merry Christmas”, taking part in open-houses or snapping photos with glittering X’mas trees in shopping malls.

islam christmas celebrationShe had Yuletide party at her home together with her invited guests.

Interestingly, the highlight of the party, was a lesson for the kids on the role of Jesus in Islam.

She says parents talked with their kids about the “similarities and differences between the Islamic and Christian Jesus,” to teach them that Islam is “not all about Muhammad.”

According to her, celebrating Christmas is not really a contradiction to Islam because Jesus is their prophet, too.

In the reports, an Islamic Studies professor at the University of Kentucky said that in terms of practice and observation of Christmas, that’s an on-going debate among Muslims.

You can find out more about Ani Zonneceld and about Muslim Christmas celebration here.

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