Isoradin Cream For Fungal Infection Cheap And Effective

Have you heard of Isoradin cream for fungal infection of the skin?

The other day, I was having this very irritating itchy reddish scaly rashes on my left arm near the armpit.

I thought by keeping the affected area clean and dry, the annoying inflammatory itchy rashes would go away.

The worst part is the incessant itch which kept me up late in the night.

Isoradin Cream For Fungal Infection

Another problem was with the continuous scratching, the rashes on my arm worsen.

After a few miserable days and nights, I consulted a skin doctor in my neighborhood.

The doctor recommended me a small tube of Isoradin cream to treat my skin problem.

You know what?

It worked like a magic portion.

So, what is Isoradin cream used for, some of you may ask.

Well, from what I read from the information on the tube, it says it can be for treating: Fungal infected eczema, simple and inflammatory fungal skin infection.

Personally I have used this cream to treat ringworm at my groin (Tinea cruris), under my armpit area and behind my knees (popiteal region).

Isoradin Cream For Fungal Infection

You just apply a tiny dab over your infected skin areas.

I found Isoradin cream is readily available in my local pharmacies.

A tube of Isoradin cream (10g) costs me just RM9.

For your information, this Isoradin cream is a controlled medicine, which means you have to buy this anti-fungal cream from a proper pharmacist, as it has to be recorded in the prescription book.

When you apply it on your skin, you have to be very careful not to get it onto with your eyes.

Additionally, it is advisable not to used by pregnant women or those who are lactating.

Last updated October 2021

For the past couple of days, I got this irritating itch on the shin bone area just above the ankle of my right foot.

I never bothered to look at it.

After a couple of days, I discovered the part of leg where I was scratching, had a nasty-looking red rashes.

Looking back, I suspected I got this itchy red rashes from the plant called crinum asiaticum commonly known as spider lily or poison bulb.

Spider Lily sap skin irritation

From my own experience, the sap of spider lily causes skin irritation, particularly itchy rashes.

I applied Isoradin cream for a couple of days.

As you can see from the photos below, this cream is really effective:

The red rashes before treatment.

Isoradin Cream treatment

The white Isoradin cream is applied on the red patch.

red skin rash cream

After a few applications, the red rashes started to heal.

skin irritation spider lily sap

The itchy red rashes is now gone.

Isoradin skin cream

Latest Update July 2022

Recently I had this nasty-looking red blotches on my lower calf area next to the ankle.

isoradin cream usage

I do not know what causes this itchy skin infection.

After I had the affected areas properly cleaned and thoroughly dried, I applied the Isoradin cream.

After a couple applications, the raised red raised skin bumps started to subsided.

Isoradin cream Malaysia

A few days later, the awful reddish skin infection was completely gone, as you can see from the picture below.

isoradin cream antifungal

As you can see from the pictures above, Isoradin cream really works.

Aqueous Cream

By the way, I have also used another equally effective cream to treat itchy, dry rough flaky skin.

It is called Aqueous cream.

Aqueous Cream skin treatment

It is the most widely prescribed emollient for the treatment of dry skin conditions.

Emollient means to soother or softener the skin.

In Malaysia , if you go to the Government clinic to treat mild skin problem, the doctor will prescribe you Aqueous cream.

You can purchase this white color cream from the local pharmacies.

From what I read, Aqueous cream is no longer recommended either as a leave-on emollient or as a soap substitute.

It is said that Aqueous cream can cause burning, stinging, itching and redness for some people, especially children with atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis) .

As a precaution, always consult a doctor first before you use any cream on your skin.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a professional medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider.