Red Tomato Paper With Juicy Covers Of Pretty Women

My last post was about the health benefits of beetroot and today I’m talking about the Red Tomato. No, I’m not referring to the fruit.

I’m talking aboutĀ  the free weekly Chinese newspaper Red Tomato which has been relaunched early this year.

Under theĀ  management of Star Media Group, Red Tomato is now fuller, fresher, rounder and more juicy.

red tomato free weekly chinese newspaper

It is richly packed with lots of features and pictures. With up-to-date trends and issues. From home to health and entertainment to start up, fashion, beauty, food, family, finance, latest gizmos, and more.

This free weekly newspaper is targeting the Chinese-literate youths, age ranging from- 20 to 29 years old. I am sure many Chinese Ah Pek (old man) love this kind of Red Tomato too; especially the front page cover.

For these old folks, a picture like this can trigger a thousand thoughts. Mmm…aahh…

sexy julie woon ex-boyfriend qi qushairi

Even for those men in the Klang valley who don’t read Mandarin, the covers or the front pages featuring pretty curvy Malaysian women will tempt them to pick it up.

I know there is this foreign guy working as a security guide who has been collecting and pasting up Red Tomato newspaper covers on the wall of his fetid and fishy-smelling security pondok (shed).

malaysian chinese girl red tomato cover

The rest of the Red Tomato, he sells them off as “old newspaper”.

red tomato free weekly newspaper

I’m sure these few front covers of Red Tomato newspaper is enough to make some Chinese Ah Pek (old man) flushed with excitement.