Julie Dahlan – Malay Film Producer, ‘Rude Lady’ And Khalwat Scandal

Julie Dahlan or her real name Junaidah Dahlan, a once popular Malaysian film producer-director and actress has passed away on Thursday (30 March 2015).

The 62-year old Malay film-maker succumbed to complications due to kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. She died in the ambulance which was rushing her to Hospital Ampang on Thursday night.

Julie Dahlan meninggal dunia April 30 2015During the nineties, Julie was a rather prolific film producer. Her productions include: Wira Angkasa, Harry Boy, Driving School (directed by Othman Hafsham and featured the then sexy and bossomy Ziela Jalil ) and Cinta Metropolitan.

Driving School movie produced by Julie DahlanShe also acted in in a couple of local filem Melayu (Malay films) like Si Badol, Idola, Si Jantung Hati, Driving School and Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam . She directed the 1995 Kad Cinta.

For those younger Malaysians who do not know who this veteran Malay movie producer, I am sure you have seen this short Gunakan Bahasa Kebangsaan campaign film-let by Film Negara.

She is the arrogant and rude Malay lady who speaks English when asking for assistance from the public in the video clip as shown below:

Julie Dahlan Khalwat Scandal In Penang

Back in 1996, the then 44 year-old Julie Dahlan was reported to be involved in an alleged khalwat or close proximity scandal with a non-Muslim man.

As reported by Bernama, the guy is one of her movie crew while they were shooting the movie which she¬† produced, called “Cinta Metropolitan” in Pulau Pinang or Penang Island.

julie dahlan khalwat in Penang 1996The shariah court ordered the arrest of Julie Junaidah because she failed to appear for the hearing.

Then she did claimed trial on khalwat charge, and Julie Dahlan pleaded not guilty in the Syariah Court.