Kanna Curry House Nasi Daun Pisang Without Banana Leaf

Yesterday I went to Kanna Curry House at Bandar Sri Menjalara, Kepong for my lunch.

As its big signboard clearly says “Nasi Daun Pisang (Banana Leaf Rice), so I decided to have rice and some chicken curry.

To my surprise, this so-called Nasi Daun Pisang  Restaurant uses the fake banana leaves. They appeared to me as recycled papers covered with a thin layer of plastic sheet.

Immediately, I decided not to have rice for lunch. Instead I ordered a piece of chapati. Again, it is served on the green colored waxy paper.

That day I found out Kanna Curry House is one of those so-called Banana Leaf Rice stalls which actually don’t use banana leaves, but those thin fake or artificial banana leaves.

But anyway, when the chapati came, I had it transferred it onto a plastic plate, before I spread it with curry and dhall.

My view is stalls which claimed that they sell Banana Leaf Rice should use the real banana leaves.

Can you image, those Chinese hawkers selling clay pot chicken rice, not using the clay pots, and still called it clay pot chicken rice?! Where can one?

kanna curry house kepongTo me, Kanna Curry House is NOT a Banana Leaf Rice restaurant per se.

It is no different from those Indian eateries which¬† serve food on plates. It’s a shame because its food is delicious.

Even its freshly made roti canai is soft and tasty, I’m told.

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