Kiew Brothers Dried Meat Too Much Cancer-Causing Preservative

For many Malaysian Chinese, the latest Malaysian news about the famous “Wo Lai Ye” aka Kiew Brothers dried meat or pork (bak kwa) products is said to have way too much of preservative, nitate is no surprise.

Come each Chinese New Year season, at one of Kiew Brothers dried meat branches, you can see a long queue of Chinese folks eagerly waiting to buy this salty sweet and oily stuff, bak kwa or dried pork in Petaling Street or KL Chinatown area.

"kiew brothers dried meat"
Kiew Brothers News: Boxing Chicken Dried Meat

According to Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, this nitrate can cause cancer if consumed excessively.

He added that the maximum amount of nitrate allowed is 200mg in one kilogram of meat. But the the samples from the Boxing Chicken dried meat (logo) or “bak kwa” were found to have more than 1,000mg of nitrate!!!

Now those of you who have been consuming Kiew Brothers dried meat for years now must be grunting in anger and pigsick! (no pun intended)

All this while, most people know this grilled dried meat is no good stuff. Just like the Chinese sausage, “cha siew pau“( barbecue pork dumplings) or “siew mai“( pork dumplings) and the rest of the dim sum goodies; all these are processed food. Or what author-activist Michael Pollen said most of what we’re consuming today is not food.  We’re eating “edible food-like substances”  and not products of nature but of food science.

So, now only you know you have been  “boxed” by the yellow Boxing Chicken Dried Meat, aka Kiew Brothers dried meat. You could end  up calling out “wo lai ye!” as you join those “dried meat”  of  another kind!

Cancer Quote: “Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” – John Diamond


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