Kitschy Limau Limau Cafe Melaka Great Getaway From Busy Jonker Street

Have you been to Limau Limau Cafe in Melaka? Each time when I pop over to historic city of Melaka, I love to stroll along the Melaka River. It reminds me of strolling along the famous Seine River in Paris, surrounded with ornament bridges, old churches, shady square, historical fountain and the cruising riverboats.

Limau Limau Cafe a great getaway from the busy Jonker Street in Melaka
Limau Limau Cafe Melaka

After a tiring walk, I always head off to my favorite watering hole. Limau Limau Cafe at Jalan Hang Lekiu, Melaka. It is no more at Joker Streeet. This quaint cozy cafe is tucked away from the hot and busy Jalan Hang Jebat or better known as Jonker Street.

In fact, this cute cafe used to be at Jonker Street. It has moved over to this quiet narrow street for some time now. To be exact, this romantic cafe is facing the white side wall of Kampung Kling Mosque. It is situated off Jonker Walk Melaka.

Limau Limau cafe in Melaka

The first thing that strikes you is the huge scintillating chandeliers amid its kitschy decor; of carved wooden signboard, canvas oil paintings, huge mirror, hand-written menu wooden boards (with liquid-chalk) and antique furniture.

Chalk handwritten menu boards add a touch of arty feel to Limau Limau Cafe

This urban chic cafe serves salads, sandwiches, lasagna, fruit juices, milk shakes, beer, lassi, coffee and other delicious fare.

Malacca Limau Limau cafe is a popular  resting place among the tourists
Lasagna, Fruit Juice & Coffee

If you are there, you should try its popular thirst-quenching fresh fruit juices You got to savor its many different combination of fruit juices.

Next time, if you are having a holiday in Melaka, don’t just go to the usual cafes or restaurants which patronize by tourists. Go over to colorful Limau Limau Cafe Melaka.

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