Know The Automated Enforcement System Or AES Camera Locations For Your Driving Pleasure

These days we keep reading about those conflicting views about the privatization of the Automated Enforcement System or better known as AES in Malaysia.

Those who support the AES enforcement criticize those who has objected for being irresponsible over road safety issues.

But then there are others who are concerned about the possibility of Malaysians being made to pay for the profits of the two firms awarded the contract to implement the enforcement system.

aes camera location jpj malaysia

As reported in The Star, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop said that The police mobile speed trap cameras will be used in tandem with the proposed enforcement of the controversial Automated Enforcement System (AES).

As I have read Road Transport Department (JPJ) has started using the Automated Enforcement System or AES to catch traffic offenders.

JPJ has released a list of locations for the 831 Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras nationwide. Selangor, Johor and Perak will have the most number of speed traps and traffic light cameras.

JPJ has made known to the public the exact location of the AES cameras with the GPS coordinate for each location. The cameras would be installed within 18 months.

Below are the locations of AES camera provided by JPJ:

aes camera location jpj

automated  enforcement system camera locations

You can also view the AES camera locations from this map.

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