Kuala Lumpur China Doll Pulp Fiction

Have you heard of Kuala Lumpur China Doll?

No, it is not of those plaything for young girls.

Remember the “Kuaci Girls” at New Peng Hwa Food-court?

The eatery along Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur was notoriously known for the China Dolls aka prostitutes from Mainland China.

Back in the 80s, these China Dolls patronized this food court selling kuaci (roasted sun flower seeds) as the pretext for soliciting.

Kuala Lumpur China Doll

These Chinese ladies of the night operated their “fleshy” business in their apartments or those budget hotels in the neighborhood.

This popular naughty food court is one of settings of Malaysian writer Ewe Paik Leong’s latest novel “A China Doll In KL“.

His first book is “Kuala Lumpur Undercover“.

kuala lumpur china doll

This 272-page pulp fiction tells a Young and ambitious China Doll named Meisu.

She started off doing business at New Peng Hwa food court.

And it was there she caught the attention of a triad godfather. And also her tempestuous relationship with an alcoholic artist.

Then there is a psychotic serial killer lurking the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

He has already murdered and mutilated three China dolls. And Meisu might just be next on his list.

If you fancy frenzied and racy local story, check out this book “A China Doll In KL“.

You get get them at Popular Bookstore, Kinokuniya, MPH (both store and online). For Singaporeans, you get it at Select Books Singapore (selectbooks.com.sg).