Kuala Lumpur Undercover | Dark Chow Kit Backstreets To Gleaming Jalan Sultan Ismail

I have read Moammar Emka’s both copies of “Jakarta Undercover” and “Jakarta Undercover II“.

Indonesian journalist Emka prowled and exposed the seedy red-light districts, the underground club circuit and the house parties of wealthy Indonesian society.

Recently, over here in Malaysia, we have our own version “Kuala Lumpur Uncover” written by Ewe Paik Leong.

Similarly, Paik Leong cruised round the sleazy backstreets of Chow Kit and the brightly-lit street of the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, to uncover the shady world of naughty trade at KTV lounges, hair salons, reflexology centers, spas, massage parlors, dangdut clubs and even food courts.

Read his exploits, encounters and interviews with nightclub hostesses, mamasans, shemale,freelance escorts, streetwalkers and urut batin ‘therapists’.

I’m sure many of you, especially the elderly Chinese men in KL should be familiar with his first chapter “China Dolls at Food Courts“.

It is about the notorious New Peng Hwa Food Court (already demolished) at Jalan Pasar, Pudu, KL.

This food court was once a favorite soliciting spot for girls from the Mainland China, aka China Dolls.

Remember they were dubbed as “Kuaci girls”? These Chinese nationals prostitutes sold kuaci (sunflower seeds)¬† as the pretext for soliciting at the food court.

kuala lumpur undercover book by ewe paik leongThese days you can see some of these China dolls hanging around the Pudu area.

Personally I have seen them in loitering at mamak stall located at the back of Kompleks E-mart, Medan Selera Pudu in Jalan Yew and even Pudu Plaza at Jalan Landak off Jalan Pudu.

If you want to find out more about the wild underworld of flesh trades in Kuala Lumpur, then get this book  at Kinokuniya and MPH. It costs RM39.90.