Lat Cartoons In His Own Inimitable Style

Here is a spoof  of Malaysia’s beloved Lat cartoon which was published in New Straits Times on May 28, 2012. These days of iPad, apps, Manga and Cosplay, it is very unlikely to come across the scene depicted below by Malaysian cartoonist Lat. What I am trying to say here is you can hardly see an old Malay Makcik driving a Morris Minor in the street these days. Probably you can still see an old model Volkswagon roaring nosily and sputtering  at the traffic light.

But for those Malaysians who are presently in  their late forties and fifties onwards, the scene of  old folks driving a Volkswagon or a Morris Minor was a common sight back in the Seventies circa. Definitely this is not a typical present Malaysian scene as drawn by Datuk Lat. We all know this Lat’s cartoon is definitely referring or relating to the recent drag race crash at the Hari Belia carnival in Putrajaya recently. If he would to draw the present day old jalopies (for instance Nissan Sunny, Mazda or even Proton Saga), then the cartoon would  not appear  comical.

Lat Cartoon Characters

Anyway, I think Lat is more comfortable presenting his humor in his own style. In other words, Lat’s own inimitable gaya lah. Even Lat cartoon characters are mainly from the Seventies circa.  Yes, you still see the plump Chinese lady Mrs Hew with beehive hairdo and butterfly-rimmed glasses.

Whatever it is, personally I think Lat or Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid is still one the most beloved cartoonist in Malaysia.

lat cartoonist malaysia
lat cartoonist malaysia

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