Leisure Cove Tanjung Bungah Penang Malaysia Deplorable Conditions

On April 2012, my friends and I spent a couple of days and nights over at Leisure Cove  Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia.

We were shocked at the horrendous and deplorable conditions of this holiday resort. The place is practically in shambles. I presume this getaway resort at Tanjung Bungah has not been properly maintained for some time now.

leisure cove tanjung bungah penang

One of the lifts is not working, and the one which is still functioning needs servicing as well. It creaks loudly each time it lifts up from the ground floor.

Leisure Cove Penang is falling apart, so to speak.  Check out the list below:

1. Toilet door cannot be locked because it is broken.
2. Bath tub is stained
3. Ceiling cornice broken.
4. Electric kettle is old and dirty (stain marks)
5. TV without antenna.
6. Cabinet with broken door knob.
7. Broken air conditioner thermostat
8. Fridge with rusty door.

leisure cove tanjung bungah malaysia

According to its ad, it says: Two bedrooms that could accommodate up to 6 persons. Actually it is only for four (4) person. There is only one (1) double bed and two (2) single beds. Unless, the other two occupants sleep in the living room.

leisure cove tanjung bungah penang malaysia

When we checked in, we have to pay RM100 for each room as a deposit. And we are told that cooking is not allowed, and yet all the old used cooking utensils and cutlery are still in the cabinets.

leisure cove penang

When we were there, we had problem parking our cars, as the car park is occupied by outsiders (not staying at the resort) who came to have their dinner at Hai Wei Seafood Restaurant, which is situated at the back of Leisure Cove.

leisure cove condominium penang

Oh yes, even Leisure Cove’s own office has ceiling  leak stains ( photo above).  If I’m not mistaken, this vacation resort has no closed circuit  camera system and also no uniformed security guard on duty.

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