Liquid Glass Stage Illusion Explained How Works

Now you can find out the Liquid Glass stage illusion explained how the penetration magic trick is done.

How the steel needle could apparently go through the solid glass sheet or plate.

The Liquid Glass stage illusion is a bigger version of the table top Peter Warlock Glass Penetration.

Peter Warlock Glass Penetration

This stage apparatus with four quadrants glass windows with two uprights is created by magical illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer.

Jim Steinmeyer Stage Illusion Designer

Jim Steinmeyer is the creative mind behind many magical marvels, including Windshear, Op-Art Illusion, Osmosis Illusion and Walking Through A Brick Wall.

From what I gathered, Harry Blackstone Jr. used to perform this needle through glass trick at the Burt Reynold’s Dinner Theater in Jupiter, Florida (now is known as Maltz Jupiter).

Blackstone Glass Penetration Illusion

Blackstone Jr’s apparatus (above) is featured in this auction site.

Liquid Glass Stage Illusion Explained

The method of the Liquid Glass stage illusion is similar to the Warlock Glass Penetration or the Atomic Glass Penetration by Magic wagon.

Liquid Glass Stage Illusion

Shifting Glass Sheet Secret

In other words, the secret of Liquid Glass Stage Illusion is by shifting the glass sheet within the frame.

From my observations, I believe the magician uses his hand to slide the glass sheet side way to the uprights (legs or stands) of the apparatus.

Peter Warlock Penetration Stage Illusion Apparatus

Two Metal Clips

Initially when I saw the two short metal features on top of the Liquid Glass illusion, I thought they are devices for sliding the glass sheet.

Needle Through Glass Penetration

Actually they are clips to hold the shutters or panels onto the frame.

This is a closeup view of the metal clip taken from illusion designer and builder William Kennedy’s website WK Magic LLC.

Rod Through Glass Penetration Illusion

I notice the performers flip this metal piece each time after they have placed the wooden shutter onto the frame, and before they remove it.

These two clips on top of the frame are not only there to grip the wooden shutters, but also conspired with the secret of the trick.

They help to misdirect or camouflage the performers’ hand position and the movement when they covertly slide the glass sheet.

Glass Sheet Moving

Watch this brief sequence of this video clip by magician David Penn.

At 0:29, after he has placed the shutter, his left hand flips the clip on top of the frame, then it goes down behind the shutter to push the glass to the RIGHT.

You can clearly see the glass sheet slides to the RIGHT, just before David Penn knocks the glass sheet.

Focus on the top right hand corner of the glass where the smudge marks as indicated in the picture below.

You can see the smudge marks moving towards the RIGHT side of the frame.

Liquid Glass Illusion Trick Secret

Then at 1:32 his left hand goes behind the wooden shutter to push the glass sheet back to its ORIGINAL position.

Similarly you can clearly see the smudge marks on the glass sheet moving inward.

Glass Sheet Width And Positions

I think the Liquid Glass Illusion secret is by shifting the glass sheet within the frame, let’s take a closer look at the glass sheet.

First let’s check out the width of the glass sheet.

When it is pulled out from the frame, you would notice the glass edges are closed to the inner side of the 4-window frame.

Here are three images taken from Rick Thomas, Kamyléon and David Penn’s video clips respectively.

Peter Warlock Rod thru Glass Trick

Jim Steinmeyer Penetration Glass Trick

Liquid Glass Illusion Exposed

This is the original position of the glass sheet when it is placed in the center of the frame.

Glass Penetration Illusion By Jim Steinmeyer

When the glass sheet is shifted to one side of the frame, this is how it looks like.

Liquid Glass Illusion Secret Revealed

Positions Of The Holes

As illustrated above, the edge of the glass sheet on the RIGHT is NOT in the center of the RIGHT side windows.

But the red ribbon appears to go through the CENTER of the four windows.

Glass frame penetration magic trick

From the picture below, you notice the shutter holes are actually NOT in the CENTER of the four small windows.

The two white dotted lines in the picture, indicate where the positions of the shutter holes are.

The red color line is the center of the windows.

Liquid Glass Penetration Illusion

Shutters Position

To make the four holes appear to be in the CENTER of the 4 windows, the two pieces of shutters are purposely placed to the edge of the uprights or stand.

Solid Through Solid Stage Magic Secret

Slim Needle And Soft Ribbon

Based on my explanation above, the space allowance for the needle and ribbon to penetrate is limited.

Hence, it uses a slim metal needle threaded with a soft red satin ribbon to do the penetration trick, even though the Liquid Glass Illusion apparatus is rather big.

Here are three different presentations of Liquid Glass Illusion by French magician Kamyléon and Rick Thomas of “Mansion Of Dreams” fame and David Penn.

NOTE: For a clearer understanding, when I say LEFT, I mean your LEFT.

Liquid Glass Illusion By Kamyléon

At 1:13 when Kamyléon places the first shutter and slides it to the LEFT upright.

At the same time his right hand goes behind it to slide the glass to the RIGHT.

Kamyléon Liquid Glass Illusion

Now the glass has moved all the way to the RIGHT upright or the stand, as illustrated below.

Liquid Glass Illusion By Jim Steinmeyer

At 1:26 Magician Kamyléon pokes the needle into the top hole, it hits the glass sheet inside.

Actually it is the glass edge that is near to the hole, as I have explained above.

The glass edge is just next to the two holes of the shutter or panel.

Then he pushes the slim needle slips past the glass edge through the narrow space inside the hole.

At 1:49, as he places the second shutter onto the RIGHT side of the frame, his left hand goes behind it to push the glass sheet to the LEFT as seen below

Needle Through Glass Magic Trick

When the glass sheet is shifted to the LEFT upright, its edge will push the soft satin ribbon along with it.

Thus the slim ribbon would be dragged into the LEFT shutter holes slightly.

But Kamyléon knows how to hide it away from his audience, by standing in front of the LEFT shutter.

Now the glass sheet is over at the far LEFT side of the frame.

Liquid Glass Stage Illusion Secret Exposed

The diagonal ribbon is tightly stretched is because the it is being pulled by the edge of the glass.

Liquid Glass Penetration Stage Illusion Revealed

At 2:12 as he walks behind the apparatus, his right hand secretly shifts the glass sheet slight back to the RIGHT to its original position.

Jim Steinmeyer Liquid Glass Trick

Before he slides the glass sheet back RIGHT to its original position, the diagonal ribbon is taut as seen above.

Glass frame penetration magic trick secret

After he has shifted the glass sheet inward to its original position, you can see the diagonal red ribbon slacks slightly (indicated above).

It is because the glass edge has moved inwards, the ribbon looses its grip.

He has to shift the glass sheet back to its original position.

Glass Penetration Trick By Jim Steinmeyer

At 2:14 when he lifts up the glass sheet, it should be seen as it comes out right in the middle of the four windows.

Kamyléon Liquid Glass Penetration Act

The red ribbon behind the shutter or panels should hang loosely because of the glass movement.

To hide the loose hanging red ribbon, this is what he does.

At 2:20 he puts on a dramatic finale by pulling the red ribbon tight, and then spins the frame around.

Liquid Glass Illusion By Rick Thomas

Now let’s watch how magician Rick Thomas performs his needle through glass illusion adapted from Peter Warlock’s creation.

When placing the shutter on the RIGHT side of the frame, his right hand slides the glass sheet to the LEFT upright of the prop at 4:18.

Rick Thomas Liquid Glass Illusion

As I have just mentioned above, the shutter holes and the edge of the glass is very closed by.

Wooden Frame Glass Penetration Trick

Before he can remove the wooden shutter from the frame, at 4:49 his left hand flips the clip, while his hidden right hand slides the glass sheet back to its original position.

Steel Rod Thru Glass Magic Trick

At 5:14 when both of them place the shutters onto the frame, the female assistant just pulls the clip.

It is Rick who is sliding the glass sheet towards the RIGHT with his left hand.

Jim Steinmeyer Liquid Glass Trick Secret Revealed

Now the glass sheet is pushed to the RIGHT upright.

So Thomas can insert the metal needle through both holes of the LEFT shutters.

Magic Penetration Effect

To penetrate the RIGHT shutter holes, he has to slide the glass sheet to the LEFT upright.

To misdirect the audience attention, he puts on an act by passing the needle to his female assistant.

Then he makes a dance-like turn and proceeds to the apparatus.

Rod Penetrates Glass Stage Illusion Secret

When he is behind the prop at 5:34, his left hand pushes the glass sheet to the LEFT side of the frame.

Rick Thomas Liquid Glass Penetration Illusion Glass Frame

When he slides the glass sheet back to LEFT at 5:36, focus on the red ribbon at the bottom hole.

You can see the red ribbon moving into the hole.

It is because when the glass sheet is pushing the soft ribbon, as it slides to the LEFT.

Now he can push the needle through the RIGHT shutter holes.

Because the glass is now set to the LEFT side of the frame.

Steinmeyer Warlock Penetration Illusion

To finish up the act, Rick Thomas has to slide the glass sheet back to its original position.

At the finale, when he walks back to the frame, his right hand slides the glass to its original position at 5:54.

Liquid Glass Penetration Trick Secret

You can see the red ribbon through the top hole of the RIGHT shutter moves slightly.

Then using both hands, Rick Thomas coolly lifts up the glass from the wooden frame.

The ribbon behind the frame should be loosen because of the shifting of the glass sheet.

Liquid Glass Illusion Rick Thomas

Look at the picture above, the ribbon on the LEFT shutter is taut or tight.

It is because the glass sheet is not over there to pull or stretch the ribbon.

Liquid Glass Illusion Secret Exposed

Furthermore, at 5:58 the female assistant pulls the ribbon as she lifts up the ribbon, when Rick pulls the glass sheet out from the frame.

The ribbon on the RIGHT is loose is because the glass sheet is on that side just before, it is pulled out from the frame.

Liquid Glass Illusion By David Penn

Needle Through Glass Stage Illusion

Here is another Liquid Glass Illusion performance by tech magician David Penn.

His first move I have already elaborated above.

At 0:29, after he has placed the shutter, his left hand flips the clip.

As he bends down, his left hand behind the shutter discreetly pushes the glass sheet to the RIGHT.

Needle Through Glass Penetration Trick

I have highlighted above you can see the glass sheet moving because of its smudge marks.

Liquid Glass Illusion David Penn

At 1:32 his left hand goes behind the wooden shutter to push the glass sheet back to its ORIGINAL position.

Again you can see the smudge marks on the glass moving back towards him.

Liquid Glass Magic Illusion Jim Steinmeyer

Probably at 1:52, his left hand slides the glass sheet to the LEFT.

Then he can insert the needle through the holes on the RIGHT shutter.

Needle Through Glass Stage Illusion

At 2:15, his left hand shifts the glass sheet to the RIGHT.

He continues to thread the ribbon through the two hole on the LEFT shutter.

Liquid Glass Magic Trick

Before he pulls out the glass sheet from the frame, at 2:29, his left hand moves the glass sheet back to its ORIGINAL position as seen above.

The ribbon behind the frame should be slacken or loosen because of the glass sheet movement.

David Penn Liquid Glass Illusion

But after the act, when he turns the frame around, the red ribbon behind the frame is rather tightly stretched.

Liquid Glass Stage Illusion Explained

The secret is before looping the ribbon onto the upright, his left hand is tugging it to make it taut.

That’s why the ribbon behind the frame is not loosely hanging when it should be.

This is what I think how the Liquid Glass stage illusion by Jim Steinmeyer is done.

By moving the piece of glass sheet.