Listen To Free 20 Million Songs And More With Spotify

Good news to Malaysia music lovers who want to listen the current international songs for FREE. Spotify, the on-demand streaming music service, has officially launched in Malaysia. Before this we Malaysians can still access with UnoTelly’s UnoDNS.

When you sign up with Spotify, you  can create playlists and compile any songs you like from its catalog of more than 20 million songs, and with 20,000 songs being added daily. You can create your very own radio station with non-stop music, so to speak. In addition, you can socialize via Facebook and Twitter. Meet cool people with your same music taste or follow a celebrity.

free music online with spotify

Spotify has two versions to choose from: Free and Premium. Both versions offer the latest selection of international songs, as well as local and regional music.

For those of you who signed up for the Free version, you get to listen to the same amount of songs with no restrictions on the time consumption same as the Premium version.

The only difference is that the sound quality. The other thing is for the Free version, it is only limited to desktop (meaning PC) and there will be three to four minutes of ads every hour. As for Premium users, they are can enjoy their music on the go via their mobile devices (smart phone and tablet) without any ad interruption.

So if you want to enjoy free music online, click on the Get Free button now.

Spotify Sound card Not Working

Note: I know many of you would encounter technical problem with streaming music service. You will see this remark: “There is a problem with your sound card. Spotify can’t play music“.  Personally, I still not sure how to overcome this problem. I found some of the solutions over the Internet and I tried various methods and it finally it works.

So what I suggest is you google “spotify sound card not working” or something similar and then try out some of those solutions suggested. As for me, what I did was, I uninstalled Spotify from Control Panel and then reinstalled from its homepage, by clicking on the green color “Get Spotify” button on the top right hand corner.

Spotify Music Keeps Stopping

Another problem which many people are encountering with this service is the music keeps stopping or pausing every now and then. Personally I am also having this annoying experience at the moment. Period.