Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Trick Exposed And Explained

Are you still wondering how the Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror  penetration trick is done?

Then check out my take on the secret of this close-up magic trick.

I supposed it is done with mirrors, or rather with a gimmick mirror, to be exact.


A wooden frame with mirror which comes with a stand.

There is a slim horizontal wooden bar across the mirror.

The performer taps on the mirror to prove that it is one solid piece.

Then he places a wooden star trap panel at the center of the mirror, on top of the horizontal wooden bar.

Mysteriously, he inserts his finger or a marker pen right through the star trap panel.

Apparently his finger or the pen penetrates through the mirror.

After the penetration act, he removes the star trap panel to reveal the mirror is unharmed.

Watch the Mystic Mirror by Magic Wagon below:

Adapted From Dove Through Glass Trick

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror is an adaptation of the old classic Dove Through Glass illusion.

Here are two demo videos of Dove Through Glass trick performed without the use of a live dove.

For Abbott Magic, it is performed with a plastic funnel, and with a silk scarf by Harry Allen of Daytona Magic.

I believe the method of the Dove Through Glass is similar to the Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror.

The secrets of the Dove Through Glass trick are at both the frame and the stand.

Read all about the Dove Through Glass Trick Revealed.

Dove Through Glass Trick

Magic Wagon Pagoda Mystery

By the way, the method of the Dove Through Glass is exactly the same the Magic Wagon Pagoda Mystery trick.

Pagoda Mystery Magic Wagon Revealed

It also has a vertical cut-out in the clear plexiglass concealed in the round hole.

The secrets are at the frame as well as the stand or base.

Mystic Mirror With Concealed Hole

The Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror has only a concealed round hole in the top piece mirror

It is like the classic Penetration Frame below.

penetration frame trick secret revealed

The top mirror is adjustable and it is controlled by a hidden mechanical device behind the frame.

This device slides the upper mirror upward, to bring up the concealed hole, which is hidden behind the bottom mirror.

In other words, the Mystic Mirror is a self-working mechanical trick.

It is just like some of these Magic Wagon designs, which include the “Mystic Bottle“,”Mystic Window Penetration“, “Dragon And Tiger Rings Temple“, “Ghost Glass“, “Diamond Block Mystery“, etc.

Let’s explore this mirror penetration trick works.

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Trick Revealed

I think there are either two or three separate pieces of mirrors within the Mystic Mirror frame.

Most probably, I think there are two pieces of mirror set next to each other.

The row of four round holes on the top and bottom wooden frame are NOT design features.

These holes are there to mislead your visual perception.

They want you to see it as one solid piece of mirror.

Mirror Penetration Magic Trick secret
As I have just mentioned, there are two individual sheets of mirror within the wooden frame, as illustrated below.

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Revealed

For a clearer explanation, I called the top piece as Mirror 1, the bottom piece as Mirror 2.

The Mirror 1 is adjustable, and it is set BEHIND the Mirror 2 which is securely fixed onto the frame.

Mystic Mirror By Magic Wagon

Mirror With A Hole

This adjustable Mirror 1 has a hole in the center.

Magic Wagon Penetration Mirror

The hole is hidden behind the Mirror 2, below the horizontal wooden bar.

The top edge of the Mirror 2 is exactly right behind the thin horizontal wooden bar.

The strip of black color reflected on the Mirror 1, (picture below) is most probably the back of the Mirror 2.

Mystic Mirror Penetration Trick

NOTE: The dimensions of the mirrors in the picture above are not accurately illustrated, particularly the Mirror 1.

It is because I do not know the actual sliding mirror device mechanism.

There is a possibility, the Mirror 1 could be shorter in length.

The thin horizontal wooden strip is there to hide the two separates mirrors.

Penetration Magic Trick Revealed

Mystic Mirror With Two Separate Mirrors

Why do I think they are two separate pieces of mirror; one in front of the other?

Firstly when the performer of this video taps his index finger on the the prop at 0:07, only the top mirror (Mirror 1) jiggles.

Through Mirror Magic Trick

The Mirror 2 below the horizontal bar does not move at all.

Secondly, I noticed the reflections on the the top and the bottom mirrors are ‘disjointed’.

Penetrate Through Mirror Trick Explained

Even the video clip is shot slightly from the top angle, the reflection on both mirrors should still be continuous.

So I presume they are different piece of mirror.

The Mirror 1 (top piece) could be behind the Mirror 2 (bottom piece).

Thirdly, I noticed the slight difference in the width of inner window frame area.

The inner frame (black color area) of the Mirror 1 above the horizontal bar (Mirror 2) is slightly wider.

Mystic Mirror Penetration Exposed

This is another image captured from the other video clip.

Silk Through Mirror Magic Trick

The forth reason is I noticed the edges of the mirrors above and below the slim horizontal bar are different.

The reflection in the Mirror 1, has a wider or deeper edge (black color).

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Secret

Whereas the reflection in the Mirror 2, is just a thin black line.

Mirror Penetration Magic Trick

From this I deduce, the Mirror 1 must be BEHIND the Mirror 2.

That’s how Mirror 1 can slide up and down.

Mechanical Device Behind Mirror

Out of the three videos, two of them do not show the viewers the back view of the Mystic Mirror prop, except for Madison Hagler.

When he turns the mirror frame around and back from 2:22, he continues placing his left middle finger on the same spot, just right below the hole.

I believe that is where the sliding mechanism device is, as shown below.

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror Secret

From the image above, I reckon the mirror sliding mechanism device is just below the hole in the Mirror 2.

Madison Hagler could do the penetration trick so convincingly, is because his left hand is all the while behind the frame.

Penetration Effect Magic Trick

Watch this full sequence from 1:42.

He starts off by misdirecting your attention to his pointed left index finger.

He acts if his pointed finger goes behind the frame, and immediately comes out through the star trap panel hole.

The trick is just before he pokes his finger out, his middle finger operates the sliding device, which is just below the hole, as shown in the picture above.

Similarly when he pulls out his finger from the hole at 1:47, his middle finger controls the device to bring down the Mirror 1.

Then only he lifts the star trap panel away from the mirror.

He uses the same deceptive method when performing with the marker pen.

In addition, Madison Hagler uses patter to misdirect the viewers, as he do his trick.

This image is taken from another video, at 0:48, when the performer uses his right thumb to engage the device, just before he inserts the wane with the scarf through the hole in the mirror.

Through Mirror Frame Magic Trick

After the trick, at around 1:28, as he shifts the prop around.

Again his right thumb secretly adjusts the device to slide the Mirror 1 down behind the Mirror 2.

In this video, you can see the similar hand position as the above, when he engages the device to bring the hole of Mirror 1 above the horizontal bar at 0:30.

Mirror Penetration Trick Explained

At 1:29, just before he removes the star trap panel, his left hand covertly operates the device .

This is to bring the hole of Mirror 1 down behind the Mirror 2.

Mystic Mirror Self-Working Trick

Star Trap Panel With Magnets

Because the Mirror 1 needs to move up and down, the prop needs magnets to hold the star trap panel tightly onto the horizontal bar.

Hand Through Mirror Trick

Mirror 1 Movement

The slight movement of the Mirror 1 is not easily detectable, because the mirror wobbles or shakes, when they do the trick.

Probably this is the ruse, by moving the prop around when they adjust the device, so as to hide the sliding movement of the Mirror 1.

Watch this part of the video at 1:47, you can see the Mirror 1 sliding down a little, just before he removes the star trap panel from the Mirror 1.

Focus your attention on the thin black line in the reflection of the mirror, as indicated below.

Magic wagon Mystic Mirror trick explained

It drops down abruptly, then it shakes because his finger touches the back of the mirror.

To view it clearer, slow down the playback speed to 0.25.

Thin Black Line Position

Compare the distance of the thin black line from the horizontal bar, as reflected in the mirror captured from the above video snippet.

The image below is when the Mirror 1 concealed hole is raised and it is hidden behind the star trap panel.

The thin black line is a distance away from the horizontal bar.

Magic Mirror Penetration Trick

The image below is after the Mirror 1 concealed hole has dropped down behind the Mirror 2, after the trick.

The position of the thin black line is now closer to the horizontal bar.

Gimmick Mirror Magic Trick

These two pictures are taken from Brother Bor’s demo video.

This one is when the concealed hole of the Mirror 1 is still hidden below the horizontal bar.

The objects reflected in the mirror is close to the horizontal bar.

Penetration Mirror Trick Exposed

The picture below is when the concealed hole of the Mirror 1 is slid up and it is behind the star trap panel.

The objects reflected in the mirror is now further away from the horizontal bar.

Magic Wagon Penetration Trick

You notice the three red slanting stripes of both pictures remain at the same position.

It is because as I have stated above, the Mirror 2 is a different piece of mirror, that is fixed onto the bottom part of the frame.

Mystic Mirror Trick Vanish Pull

For this Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror penetration demo video, I think he uses the nylon thread to pull the scarf into his right sleeve.

The vanish pull goes from the his right hand across his back to his left hand.

Before the penetrating act, at 0:51 you can see him holding something (clip?) in his right hand, as he walks over to the back of the prop.

Mystic Mirror Penetration By Magic Wagon

Look closer, you would notice there is a fine thread attached to it.

Magic Wagon Mirror Penetration

At 1:09, you can see two tiny white dots running across the right lapel of his coat.

Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror

It looks like the light reflection of the nylon thread being pulled into his right sleeve.

NOTE: To see it clearer, slow down playback speed to 0.25.

At 1:09, he stretches his left hand fingers to help to pull the scarf all the way into his right sleeve.

Scarf Mirror Penetration Trick

To make sure the scarf pulled into his right sleeve completely, he has to lift up the whole Mystic Mirror wooden frame at 1:15.

Inside the the left sleeve, there is an orange color band around his wrist.

Pull Vanish Magic Trick

I think that is where the nylon or elastic thread of the pull is attached to.

Here you can see the white fabric squeezing inside his right sleeve (indicated), which I believe must be the scarf.

Pull Vanisher Magic Gimmick

At the onset of the video, there is nothing inside his right sleeve.

Scarf Penetrates Mirror Magic Trick

From these observations, I presume he uses a vanish pull or a reel to get rid of the scarf.


Sangsoon Kim Color Changing Sneakers Trick

The classic magic trick pull device is still used in many production, vanishes and transformation effects.

For instance, Sangsoon Kim from Season 18 of America’s Got Talent.

He uses the pull method to change his pair of white sneakers to orange color in the finale at 3:19.

Sangsoon Kim pulls the cords that runs through the legs of his pants to his sneakers.

AGT Color Changing Sneakers Trick

Thus dragging in the two pieces of white color fabric into his pants, as seen below.

Shoes Magic Sangsoon Kim

Most probably the two white pieces are attached to the orange sneakers with velcro strips.

Reel Magic Tricks

This is another related magic trick device called Reel.

You can find out more about the use of the reel to perform amazing effects like the Serpentine Silk.

Serpent Silk Magic Trick Revealed

Watch the Serpent Silk trick performed by master magician Jeff McBride aka Magnus in this video.

The book below by John “Al” Albenice has more than 25 different effects , including penetrations, color changes, knot effects, and much more.

It also includes the complete manuscript of “The Penetrable Silk” by Spalding.

Reel Magic Albenice PDF

Reel Magic By Albenice
Click on any of these: Link 1, Link 2

Well, this is what I think how the Magic Wagon Mystic Mirror penetration trick is done.

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