Make Money And Friends Discussing Things Of Your Interest At myLot

Do you know you can make money online from your home, by making friends while discussing about almost anything under the sun with hundreds of thousands folks all over the world who share your same interests.

Be it, relationship, career, health, hobbies, entertainment, money, fashion, latest breaking news, your children, and even shopping.

make money and friends at mylotI’m talking about the fun social network site myLot.

If you are a member of this site you are paid by joining in the online discussions, and also by doing some other simple tasks.

I know the earnings from this site are substantial, but it is even better than some of you who are still earning nothing a day from Adsense or as an affiliate.

Don’t worry. myLot is a legit site. It makes money by placing ads under the posts in discussions.

The first thing you need to do is to register with myLot. It is free of charge. Users must be at least 16 years of age or older.

When you log into your account, you may come across a series of ads. Just click on “SKIP THIS OFFER” or “SKIP” until you come to its homepage.

Profile Page & Homepage

Next, you customize your Profile by clicking on “preferences” located on top of the page. Now you can upload your photo or avatar, slogan, website name and its URL. Then there is an option whether you allow visitors to view my city and/or state on my profile page. If you allow, just check (click) on the small box next to the remark. Once it is done, click “Update”.

MyLot has a simple default profile and homepage. You can jazz it up to make it more informative and appealing. After you have signed in, click “profile”on  the top of the page. Next, click on the “edit profile” orange color button.  It will take you to a page, where you can see myLot Profle-Edit  on the right column of the page.  You have options of  edit profile color and add content.

You can also add HTML and link to your blogs, Hubpages, squidoo lens, banner ads, websites etc. As you make friends and participate in discussions, people will check out your profile and they may click on the links to visit your other pages.

For a newcomer,  customizing the profile page can be very confusing.

Click here for more info about customizing Profile and Homepage.

How To Add Ad Banners On myLot Profile

1. Log into your account.

2. Click “edit profile”.

3. It will take you to a page where you can see “add content” on the top right side.

4. Now click on “add item”.

5. For sortie options, choose HTML. Click on the small circle next to HTML. Then click “add item”.

6. Paste the html code in the html sortie.

7. Click “save changes”.

8. Click on “view profile” and you should be able to see the banners.


Interests are stuff that you enjoy. Things that you have done or want to do, places you have been or want to go and many other areas. By adding your interests, you get targeted information delivered to you through relevant discussions and blogs. It is a way of getting connected to the information that benefits you and the other users who share your interests. My personal advice is to list the interests you want to talk about most in very broad categories. For instance if you want to list movies, just list a few of your favorites  will do.

How To Add & Remove Interests

1. Hover your cursor over  “interests” at the top of the page.

2. Select and click on “edit interests”.

3. Now  it will take you to edit your interests page. In fact there is an instruction to guide you on how to add and remove interests. Anyway, let me explain it here in my own words:

1. Firstly select one of the categories. From there you click on the orange word “add”.

2. It will drop down a list of the most popular interests from that category for you to choose from.

3. Click on the green circle with a plus sign inside icon above the interest.

If you don’t see any you like, you can enter it in the text-box below next to the “add new interest”.

4. To remove an interest, click on the red circle with a minus sign icon.


The main source of income from this site is by participating in discussions. In order to earn money faster and more, you need to respond back each time your post receives a comment. Another thing is you have to participate in the hot topics. Start a topic that can generate great responses.  From personal experience, concentrate on quality of the topics that count.

Your earning is largely based on quality responses and relevant discussions. There are two ways to get into a discussion: You start one yourself and you response to someone else discussion.

You can post links to outside sources from your discussions. In other words, you can link it to your own blog, Squidoo lens, Hubpages and other revenue streams. It is a good way to bring more traffic to your own sites.

But make sure it is link to related and useful content.

How To Pick A Topic And Start Discussing

1. Before you start any discussion, search your topic in myLot to ensure that you are not duplicating any discussion.

2. After you have searched your topic, and you find there is no similar discussions, then click “new discussion” on the top left side of your page (besides your username).

3. You will come to a page that says “Start a new discussion on myLot”. Here you will see two options. “manage interests” and “general discussions”.

4. If you’ve specified in the interests section, then click on your interest to start a discussion pertaining to that interest. But if you like to start a more general discussion, then click on “general discussion”.

5. If you have not filled out your interests, you will find two options: “manage interests” and “general discussion”. Select on whichever you prefer.

6. Next you will come to a page with: “start a new discussion on myLot”.

7. Type in the subject and details of your discussion. As I have mentioned above, go for quality discussions, and provide with as  much details as possible.hen there is a better chance of getting more responses to your discussion.

8. After you have written your post, click “preview discussion”, so you can check for spelling or grammatical errors. If there is any change to be amend, click “edit” to fix it.

9. If every thing is fine, then click “submit”. Take note. Once your discussion is submitted, you are not allowed to fix any error in the discussion.

10. Next, you will come to “add tags to this discussion” page. Tags are words that relate to your discussion.

Click here for more info about tagging.

11. Then click “submit tag(s)” or “skip” and your discussion will appear. That’s all.

How To Respond To Discussion

1.Click on the discussion that you would like to participate.

2. Before you respond to any discussion, make sre you read all the other responses and comments first. So there is no similar or same responses that have already been posted.

3. Click on “respond to this discussion” located below the discussion detail on the right side.

4. Type your response in the “your response” box.

5. Once it is done, you can either preview it, by clicking on “preview response” for errors or you post your response straight away by clicking on “post response”.

6. If you want to make any change in your response, click “edit”. Once you have corrected your errors, click “submit”.

*Take note: Once your response is submitted, you are not allowed to fix any errors in the response.

7. Next, it will take you to a “add tags to this discussion” page.

8. Submit tags that relate to your response.

9. Click “submit tag(s)” or “skip” and your response will appear.

How To Comment On A Response

1. Click on the discussion that you would like to comment to a response.

2. Similarly as above, before commenting to a response, read all the other responses and comments first. Similar or same comments are not accepted.

3. Find the response that you would like to comment.

4. Click on “add comment” located on the bottom right of the response.

5. Type your comment in the “your comment” box.

6. After you have finished typing your comment,  you can either preview your comment or post your comment right away.

7. If you choose to preview your comment for errors, click “preview comment”.

8. If you like to make changes to your comment, click “edit”. After you have it fixed, click “post comment”.

9. If you don’t find any errors in your comment, click “submit”.

10. For those who do not choose to preview their comment, then click “post comment”.

Again, take note. Once your comment is submitted, you are not allowed to fix any errors in the comment.

11. Then it will take you to a “add tags to this discussion” page.

12. Add tags that relate to your comment.

13. Click “submit tag(s)” or “skip” and your comment will appear.

To earn the most you will want to answer each question with as much detail as possible. Make sure you have at least 3 to 4 sentences in your answer. It also helps to use key words or words that were used in the question within your response.

Make sure your comments or answers are of quality; detailed and specific in about three to four sentences. Do not give answers like “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”. They will be removed.

To generate more discussions, you should comment on your own topics too.

If you find that your post even with responses,has gone missing, then it must have been removed. There is a good chance you have violated one of its guidelines. You should have received a message telling you why a post was deleted.

That is why it is important to make sure you search your topic before posting a discussion. All duplicated discussions will be deleted.

Click here for more info on discussion guidelines and here.

Add Photos

You are only allowed to upload pictures or photos to comments and responses, after you have reached a rating over 500. Post only your own original photos.

How To Upload Photo In Discussion

1. Start a new discussion.

2. Once you have completed entering the details of your discussion, click on “add an image” located at the bottom left of the page.

3. Upload your photo that relates to your topic. Provide your photo a subject name, and some details about your photo.

4. Next, add tags to your photo.

5. Once this is done, click “upload your photo” and continue with the discussion process.

According to its guidelines, the photo you are posting must be relevant to the discussion. You will not earn if the photo does not relate to the topic of the discussion. (Frankly, I am not sure about making money from photos).

Click here for more info about photo guidelines.

How To View Mature Content In Discussions

1. Click on “preferences”.

2. Next click on “account information”.

3.Scroll down, next to “Confirm New Password:”, there is a small box with the texts “Allow mature content”.

4. Click on the small box and a tick sign will appear inside the box.

5. Then click on “Update”.

 How To Earn Rewards

You can earn Reward by using the myLot Search box. Use this search box as if it is Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engine. Don’t try to abuse this reward program to increase your earnings, your could lost your account.

 How To Make Money With Tasks

You make money by completing tasks created by myLot and select partners.

1. Click on the tasks button located on top of the page.

2. Select “available” tab. It will show you all tasks that are currently available.

3. On this page, you can sort out tasks by when they were created, the available slots left, the reward, when they expire, or how much time is allotted. You’ll see the title, description, who created the task, what category it belongs in, when it was created, and a multitude of other information, including the all important reward.

4. Clicking on a task will reveal additional information about that task. Here you will learn additional requirements for the task and have a chance to review what you will be submitting and how long you have to submit it.

5. Once you understand what you’re going to be working on and determine that you can meet all the task creators requirements, then click on in the task window.

6. Once you accept a task, the “accept this task” button disappears. Two new buttons appear: “submit or “return task”.

7. Now you have several options. First, you can complete the task and submit it. Second, you can navigate away from this page and complete the task at a later time. If you do this, you can find this task later by navigating to the “in progress” tab of myLot tasks. Make sure your complete the task before your allotted time expires.

8. Lastly, you can return task. This means you will not be able to complete the task and want to make it available to other users.

9. Once you have accepted a task you can now type in the submission boxes. When you complete the task, go ahead and click on submit.

10. Now you will see your submission in the boxes but you cannot edit it. Your task has been submitted to the task creator.

11. Now it’s the task creator’s job to review your submission. They can accept your submission and the process is finished. If they can also reject your submission, you will receive a message telling you why your submission was rejected.

12. You will also receive a mail from the task creator, if the he or she needs your submission to be revised. You will only have a certain amount of time to complete the revisions so please be prompt with your response.

13. Once your task submission is accepted, you will see it credited to your “Reward” column on your dashboard.

14. Some tasks may be accepted right away and others may take some time. So be patient, especially with those tasks that are complicated or have a lot of text.

15. But if you feel like your task may have been forgotten, you can always send a message to the task creator about your task.

To see the summary of your tasks, go to “tasks” on the menu and click “dashboard”. Here you can see information on which tasks you have started, finished, returned, abandoned, and which tasks are still pending. You will also see all your approved tasks and the amount of reward you have earned so far.

Click here for more info on Tasks.

How To Maximize myLot Earning

1. You earn by writing quality discussions.At least three to four sentences long. Beef it up with background information when you start a discussion.

2. You DON’T earn money for comments and responses other users contribute to your discussions.

3. But you earn by responding back to their comments. It is your own writing. So it is important to interact with the other users. Basicially, myLot pays you for what you post.

4. The key point is know them better, answer their questions, and make friends. Remember, myLot is a social. You rate and review their discussions. In response, they will rate and review yours. This will also help you make money. So try to interact with as many members as possible.

5. Another crucial point is don’t just merely answer to a discussion. First read through all the other comments. Then add more value or elaborate their views into your discussion. You make more money by doing this.

6. Never spam. Never go for five to ten discussions per day. Go for quality and concentrate on interaction with other people in the community.

7. Take care of your star. The more star you have, the higher is your rating. The better your rating, the higher are your earnings.To get your first star, you need to reach 100 activity points.

In order to get high star rating high, it all comes down to your effort. Take time to rate other comments when you think they contribute to the topic. If you rate other’s post then you will get ratings automatically to your posts. So try to rate as much as possible.

8. Tagging. Tags are simply keywords that link your discussion to others with similar keywords. These tags can bring you more commenters. Then you comment back. As I have mentioned your commenting back earns you money.

9. You can make money by doing tasks available, which include sign up, article writing, Facebook liking, YouTube video commenting, etc.

10. The simplest way (not easy) is referring people to signup with myLot. But of course they must be active members, as you make 25% of their earnings. In other words, if your referral earns $1.00, you get to earn  25 cents.

I know myLot has many rules to follow and they are very strict. Toe the line and never violate its guideline, or you can get your earnings deducted , or worst still, you can lose your account.

11. This tip I am not too sure. From what I have read somewhere, whenever you submit a question through one of your interest categories it pays you extra.

Click here for more info about Discussion Rating System.


You need to have a PayPal account. Mylot pays once a month, by Paypal with $10 the minimum payout.