Make Money Online Malaysia: Word Of Mouth Marketing Ideas

Let’s take a look at Make Money Online Malaysia: If you want earn cash make money online, then find out more about word-of-mouth marketing ideas today. It doesn’t cost anything according to author Andy Sernovitz of “Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking”. It is true that only real people will talk about you when they like you, your stuff and the things you can do.
Make Money Online Malaysia Word Of Mouth Marketing
The word of mouth which they create is far more powerful than advertising.

Word of mouth marketing strategy:

TOPICS: The first thing is you have to be buzz-worthy. Make sure your company or your stuff is worth talking about. It can be a cool product, a wacky tagline or even an extrordinary customer service. Give people a reason to talk about.

TOOLS: The second thing is make it easy for that conversation to take place. In other words, give your customers a tool for talking about your business. Provide those who want to talk about what you offer an easy way to share with others. For instance, the Tell a Friend form on your Web site, samples, interesting blog post which others can easily link to.

TALKERS: People who like to talk and help to spread about your company and your product. They can be your fans, happy customers, bloggers, etc.

TAKING PART: In order to keep the ball rolling, you have to participate; ready to talk whomever wants to talk, about whatever they want to talk about. Join in the conversation and find out more about your company, product, service, etc.

TRACKING: Track them and find out more what people are saying. With the internet, now you can get feedback instantly via chat rooms, forums and blogs. In word of mouth marketing, you cannot fake or cheat others for long. It will spread equally fast as the positive or good things people saying about you.

The fact is word of mouth ideas exist all this while in our marketing survey or report, but most of us do not realize it. It is lost or overshadowed by other marketing tactics. Probably it is because it usually doesn’t cost anything. It is never included in the marketing budget or being monitored. For instance, special offers, wacky promotions, loyalty programs, viral emails, newsletters, free samples, etc.

Just simply, ask one question: Which marketing programs get people talk about you? That’s word-of-mouth marketing!

Word-of-Mouth Quote: “If it’s not worth talking about, it’s not worth doing.” – Andy Sernovitz