Malacca Good Food Guide | Restoran Tian Tai At Jalan Hang Lekir, Melaka

I would like to recommend you one great place for delicious and cheap lunch in Melaka. Forget about the over-rated Chung Wah Chicken rice balls, Jonker dessert 88 or Donald & Lily’s Nyonya Corner.

There is is this nondescript corner food shop called Restoran Tian Tai.It is located at 3, Jalan Hang Lekir (formerly known as 3rd Cross Street), Melaka; a few shops away from Nancy’s Kitchen. It is very popular with local regulars.

restoran tian tai jalan hang lekir melaka

No fancy or tacky decoration to attract wide-eyed tourists. Restoran Tian Tai is just a usual restaurant, which many of you will sure to overlook, if you would to walk past it. On the glass case of its stall, there are two English words, CURRY RICE and ASAM FISH. The other two Chinese characters meant the same thing; “ka-li fun” and “ah sam yee“.

melaka chinese restaurant

The so-called curry rice is actually a plate of white rice heaped with slices of stewed pork, a half piece of stewed egg, a piece of curry chicken, cabbage, potato chunks and cucumber slices. And generously spread with fragrant curry gravy. Surprisingly, with all these combination, it just costs RM 4.00 nett a plate (below).

malacca good food guide

That day, we did not try its asam fish, but we noticed many tables were enjoying this equally popular dish. It also sells this traditional Hakka cuisine called “mui choy kau yuk“. Chinese preserved vegetable cooked with pork belly.

restaurant tian tai taman laksama kota melaka

*Latest: Restoran Tian Tai has moved to No: 88, Jalan Laksama 5, Taman Kota Laksama, Melaka.