Funny Photo Malaysia | Malay Name In Chinese Altar

Malaysia funny photos: Around Pandan Perdana lake, there is this small recreational park, where folks living nearby, go for their daily morning and evening exercise. In this park, there is this so-called “datuk kong altar” under some shady trees.

It is a red-colored wooden shack. Inside there are three Chinese deities, an oil lamp  and plates of fruit offering.

What is strange or funny is, on the inside wall of this altar, and right above the three deities, there is a name printed on it which says: DATO MASJID BIN OSMAN.

funny photo malaysia datuk kong altar

Yes,¬† a Malay/Muslim name inside a Chinese altar. I wonder if that is the name of this so-called “DatuK” (though it is spelled as Dato), or is it that this wooden shack altar is donated by a Malaysian called Dato Masjid Bin Osman?!