Malaysia Amazing Facts: Malaysian Punctuality Means "On The Way"

Malaysia cartoon about one of Malaysia amazing facts. Malaysian punctuality.

As someone says the phrase “Malaysian punctuality” is an oxymoron. Because many moronic Malaysians are always “on their way”, even they are lying dead in their coffins. When we say, “be punctual”, we mean “on time.” And not “I’m on my way lah”.

Each time, when we are told that there will be some big shots or VIPs among the guest lists, we cringe in fear or curse under our breath. This is the typical remark: “Ai-yah, got VIPs, I know sure must late one.”

Even though there are no VIPS, we Malaysians are fond of being late. That’s the reason why I avoid attending Chinese wedding dinners. If I have to attend, I am always well-prepared with a magazine and a bun (roti), to keep me occupied and alive. Soon, I’ll be bringing along my newly bought ipad 2!

As you know, the dinner usually or rather always starts close to a eight-thirty p.m. Having gone through a couple of bad experiences, many Malaysians have wised up. They usually go for a quick bite of roti-canai and a glass of teh tarik, just before they go over to the wedding dinner.

Here is a Malaysia cartoon taking a jocular jab at Malaysian punctuality.

malaysia cartoon making fun at Malaysian punctuality
Quote On Punctuality: “Punctuality is the art of guessing how late the other fellow is going to be” – Unknown