Malaysia Fun Facts: Lifting Index Finger To One Malaysia

Here are some Malaysia fun facts: Do you think by lifting up one’s index finger or forefinger vertically in the air can bring Malaysians of various races and religious beliefs together as One Malaysia?

satu malaysia finger pointing

Can this simple non-verbal communication bring all Malaysians together to live in peace and harmony? I keep seeing our political leaders together with their comrades lifting up their index or pointer fingers and scream “Satu Malaysia” or “One Malaysia”.

malaysia fun facts
One Malaysia Slogan With One Finger
As we all know, as in sports, by holding up one’s index finger symbolizes victory, or to as a non-verbal communication, it simply says,  “We’re number one!”

Buy if you point your index finger horizontally at a someone, it can be considered as rude to some people.

fingering to orgasm
Index Finger Can Trigger Excitement

I know what one finger can do. It can denote as the digit number one (1), or first in comparison. As I have just mentioned this index finger-pointing can offend some people, and not forgetting this pointer finger or also known as a trigger finger, can trigger excitement in people! Mmm…ahhh…

Instead of using the index finger to represent the slogan “One Malaysia”, I think our government should lift the finger and put it in front of the mouths of some stupid Malaysians and mouthpieces of some malicious media, to tell them to shut their gap! Yes, SHUT UP! Stop making slanderous and insidious remarks.

lifting index finger to one malaysia
Pointer Finger For Stupid Malaysians
For many of you, I know specifically where you want me to shaft my pointer finger at these stupid Malaysians. Ouch! %@X&%*