Malaysia Fun Facts: Malaysia Food Guide

Today let’s check out one of those Malaysia fun facts about Malaysian food. No, I’m not arguing over our so-called national food nasi lemak and obesity problem among Malaysian students. We all know consuming too much “lemak” from the santan (coconut milk) is no good.

As you know Malaysians love to eat or should I dare say live to eat; even die to eat, so to speak. Some Malaysian Chinese prepare and offer to the deceased during the All Souls’ Day (Tomb Sweeping Festival) or better known as Cheng Meng.

Then there is this public service announcement over at LiteFM, promoting One Malaysia. The voice-over by deejay Ross, says that our wide choices of delicious can unite all Malaysians of all races. Multi-racial Malaysians can sit down and chow down Malaysian food together.

malaysia fun facts about malaysian local food
Malaysia Local Food
But  it is not correct to say that Malaysian food can bring us Malaysians of various races together. It should be Malaysian HALAL food, which can unite us as One Malaysia. Not just Malaysian food.

Talking about food, here is a Malaysia fun fact about Malaysian food. Basically, in One Malaysia, we have four kinds of food:

1. Halal Food

2. Non-Halal Food

3. Non-Halal Malay Food

4. No-Pork Food (or Pork-Free)

Quote About Food: “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.” – Voltaire

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