Malaysia Funny News: Queen Termite, Viagra And Malaysian Men Virility

As reported in the Malaysia funny news, a Malay called Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar claims that consuming life queen termites can get boost male virility. He says that queen termite is just like the famous blur pill Viagra.
malaysia funny news about eating queen termite as aphrodisiac

Abdul Rahim said the bug must be swallowed alive 15 minutes before you get into action in bed for it to be effective. He said that the price of a queen termite can be fetched as high as between RM2,500 and RM5,000, depending on its size and color.

Well, it looks like this Malay man sure knows a lot about termites. After all, he is is in the in pest control. So he not only knows how to get rid of pests, he even know the medicinal value of pests, so to speak.

Now we know Encik Abdul Rahim doesn’t get rid of all the termites in his line of work, he even eats some of them alive, to keep him “sexually alive”.

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