Malaysia Latest News: Halal Tak Halal, That’s The Question

On March, 25, it was reported in Malaysia latest news, Kluang Rail Coffee is said to be NOT halal. Now many Malaysian Muslims are apprehensive about eating in eateries which claimed to be halal. Even back in 2008, there were claims that Starbucks was not halal too.
Kluang Rail Coffee Not Halal

Well, I know of a Malay Muslim friend, who preferably avoid patronizing food courts, fast food joints (both local and international). He doesn’t believe in consuming food or drinks over at these expensive places, when there is a good possibility that these places could be Not halal.

He says he wants to enjoy his food in comfort and at ease. In other words, he would only eat in those Malay Muslim restaurants, or those wooden shed warung operate and served by Muslim Makciks.

Halal Malay Muslim Warung []

He says he has read lots of conflicting and confusing views in many online forums, debating over eating in places which served alcohol. So for him, the best way is to avoid places which served alcohol like in an airplane or Chinese-run kopitiams (coffee shops).

Food Quote: “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity” – Voltaire

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