Malaysian Celebrity Chef Wan Tastes So Good With KFC Fried Chicken

Have you seen the latest KFC Tastes So Good TV commercial, which featured celebrity Chef Wan? Chef Wan or Datuk Redzuawan Ismail. Malaysia’s best known chef, food ambassador, food critic and author of countless cookbooks.

This international celebrity chef who has a string of prestigious awards, which include ‘Lifetime Jury Award at the “Le Mazille Prix Gourmand” and ‘Best Celebrity Chef Award’ at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris is promoting fast food. To be exact, ayam goreng (fried chicken) for KFC Holdings (M). Yes, our beloved award-winning celebrity Chef Wan happily promoting oil-soaked fried chicken to Malaysians.

malaysian chef wan kfc tastes so good
Chef Wan Promoting Fried Chicken

According to its Managing Director, KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd will spend about RM12 million in advertising, marketing and promotions for its “So Good” branding tagline, over three phases this year.

Chef Wan, has been appointed the first phase marketing campaign spokesperson. Before this, Chef Wan has associated himself with instant noodles (Cintan). I’m sure most of us know what they say about instant noodles.

You can read some of those “not-so-good” taste comments about Chef Wan promoting KFC fried chicken over at YouTube.

Before this, we have award-winning celebrity Afdlin Shauki who had gone down to sell toilet bowl cleaner, Harpic to Malaysian housewives. I wonder what’s next?