Malaysian Celebrity Wedding: Gambar Nikah Salih Yaacob And Emi Samihah Sheikh Ali

According to the latest Malaysian celebrity wedding gossip, singer-comedian-TV host-radio deejay SalihYaacob has just tied the knot with his latest wife. His 4th wife Emi Samihah Sheikh Ali. Below is the gambar nikah Salih Yaacob and Emi Samihah Sheikh Ali. Or wedding pic of Salih Yaacob and Emi.

Polygamist Salih Yaacob is 50 years old and his young 4th wife is only 24 years old. This university student is young enough to be his daughter.

salih yaakob emi gambar nikah

But anyway, this popular Sinar FM deejay Salih Yaacob told that  he is not marrying more than one wife for fun. He says he is doing it for religious reasons, and with full responsibilities. His advice to others is if you want to have fun, don’t marry. How true, indeed.

Well, when some people got hitched, they simply claim it as jodoh (mate, marriage partner, match, be a match). And when their marriage turn sour, they conveniently blame it on takdir (divine decree. fore-ordination, destiny, fate, predestination). Good God!

Here is the list of Salih Yaacob’s four wives:
First Wife:
Name : Norizah Mamat
Age : 46 Year-old
Year of Marriage : 1989
Children :4
Second Wife :
Name : Norraha Hamat
Age : 43 Year-old
Year OF Marriage : 1993
Children :6
Third Wife:
Name : Norfara Wahida Sulaiman
Age : 33 Year-old
Year Of Marriage : 2007
Children :1Forth Wife:
Name : Emi Samihah Sheikh Ali
Age : 24 Year-old
Year of Marriage: 2011
Children: None (so far)

As reported in the gosip artis melayu 2011, both Salih Yaacob and Emi just got nikah. Anyway, I have read that nikah in Arabic means both “marriage” and “sexual intercourse”. Some say that the correct word for marriage is “zawag“. (

Anyway, whatever nikah in Arabic means, it none of our business to know what happens between any legally married couple.