Malaysian Chinese Lady Soothsayer Of SS3 Petaling Jaya

Have you heard of this Malaysian Chinese lady soothsayer (or is it Chinese medium or clairvoyant?) in SS3, Taman Universiti, Petaling Jaya?

In this post, I just called her as a soothsayer.

I used to live in that SS3 Petaling Jaya area and I did not know there is this Chinese lady soothsayer.

Every now and then, especially on Sundays, there are people driving around that area,asking for road direction to that particular house in Jalan SS3/28.

Malaysian Chinese Lady Soothsayer

By the way, for those of you who live or know about SS3 area well enough, I’m sure you know that the road number.

The road numbers or rather the names of the road are not in proper sequence.

They jumped all over the place, so to speak.

That’s the reason why most people have problem locating that particular house.

People who come looking for her always ended up driving round and round, trying to find Jalan SS3/28.

That’s how I came to know this lady soothsayer of SS3.

It is exactly a corner house at the T-junction of Jalan SS3/28 and Jalan SS3/15.

The address is No 2, Jalan SS3/28.

Its actual front entrance is facing Jalan SS3/28, but the owner used its side wall facing Jalan SS3/15 as its main entrance (probably it is Feng Shui).

In fact there is a small plastic signage on the actual entrance facing Jalan SS3/28, which advises visitors to use the other entrance (Jalan SS3/15).

Malaysian Chinese Lady Soothsayer

Front its entrance, pictures and other Chinese worship paraphernalia can be seen on the wall and on tables at the veranda of the house.

This house is rather difficult to find is because it is tucked right in the middle of that housing area which is crisscrossed with many narrow roads.

Well, if you are one of those Malaysians who believe in supernatural or superstitious stuff, and are desperately seeking for divine help, then go and check out this famous lady soothsayer.

She is very popular, as I have seen many cars and people milling around the house waiting for their turn to seek her paranormal services.

Note: Currently I am not sure where she is still practicing her supernatural trade in that house in SS3 Petaling Jaya.

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