Special Malaysian Food Delivery During Lunch Hour

As reported in Malaysia news, when it comes to lunch time, the terms “home-cooked food” and “international cuisine” in Malaysia is not just for food and appetite. But also for sexual appetite. Yes, welcome to special Malaysian food delivery! Of course this “food” is TAK Halal lah!

Now, there is syndicate out there offering prostitute services in Malaysia during lunch hour or lunch break, under the guise of delivering food.

"malaysian food delivery"
Special Malaysian Food Delivery During Lunch Hour

What this innovative syndicate do is they send SMS to their regular clients with a special “menu” interestingly disguised as food items.

For instance you prefer Malaysian woman, it is termed as “home-cooked food” and the rate is RM200. For the service of foreign “pretty woman”, then the menu is listed as “international cuisine”. And it costs RM170.

The  “food” is  “rather fresh” as it is said to be below 25 year-old. And you have only 45 minutes to “enjoy your meal”, so to speak.

Besides, broadly categorized under “home-cooked food” and “international cuisine”, the syndicates do provide “menus” such as Thai tom yam soup (Thai girl), China Cantonese fried noodles (China doll) and Indonesian spicy prawn to their customers (Indonesian lady).

Anyway, food has always been associated with male libido and even reverse impotence. There are so many reports about certain food which can enhanced male virility. Food like raw oysters, avocado, bananas, celebry, figs, garlic, tomatoes, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Then there are foodstuff which Malaysian men should avoid. It is claimed that it can reduce your libido and even cause erectile dysfunction.

If food is not a help to “lemik” Malaysian men, then you should check out India’s version of Viagra called Musli Power Xtra capsules. Or maybe you should go for urut batin therapy.

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