Malaysian Government Dental Clinic Saved Me Ninety Seven Ringgit

I know most of us dread of going to the dentist. It is not just the physical pain you have to endured, but also financial as well.  Yes, private dentists can drill deep into your pocket, so to speak.

These days a visit to the private dentist, you can lose your shirt, and not just your tooth. A simple scaling of teeth can easily cost you RM200 and each filling is about RM100.

Each time if you want to go to a private dentist in Kuala Lumpur, you better well-prepared your wallet with a thousand Ringgit or so. Most of them, they prefer you to pay cash.

If you pay by credit cards, they add a surcharge. For instant there is a Klinik Pergigian at Taman Pandan Perdana, you have to pay an extra of  a 2.5 per cent surcharge, as stated clearly on a notice in his clinic.

credit card users in malaysiaWe all know, in Malaysia merchants cannot impose merchant fees on credit cards holders as stipulated in the card associations’ operating regulations. But we all also know that it is a common practice in Malaysia.

As reported in The Star, Maybank’s senior executive vice-president and head of consumer banking said that appropriate action can betaken on merchants who flout the rules.

But then, why does this “thuggery” still happen? I know some of you will easily suggest, stop dealing with those particular merchants. That’s not the point.

Well, if merchants claim that they are not making much when accepting credit cards, then they always have a choice NOT to use credit cards as a mode of accepting payment. Put up this over-used poster.

malaysia credit card merchant servicesSorry for digressing…. What I’m sharing with you Malaysians on this post is about saving your hard-earned Ringgit by going to government dental clinics.

Frankly, all these times, I used to patronize private dental clinics. Two days ago, I tried to have my teeth check in Perkhidmatan Perubatan Kesihatan Dan Pergigian at Kampung Pandan.

Update: Now the dental service has moved to the newly opened clinic at Bandar Tun Razak.

Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Tun Razak
N0. 16-18 Jalan Jujur 3,
Bandar Tun Razak,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-91713333

The ground floor is for out-patient services and treatments. The dental clinic is on the first floor and the entrance is on the left hand side of the building.

You don’t have to make any appointment. Just produce your Identity Card (I.C), and tell the beautiful and friendly awek Melayu staff, that it is your first time here.

You will be asked to pay one Ringgit (RM 1) for registration. Get your number and wait for your turn. No need appointment.

That morning when I was there, there were only three to five patients. After about ten minutes, it was my turn.

The dentist is a female Chinese lady by the name of Doctor Phua. The dental room is spick and speck and uncluttered. She and her Malay assistants are friendly and efficient.

I had my molar filled in less than twenty minutes. Minimal pain during the drilling.

No fancy trappings, like some private dentists like to do these days; where patients are asked to put on a pair of  flashy-looking goggles and even a pair of headphones for your listening pleasure.

In other words, you have your tooth filled or abstracted in style. All these unnecessary extra fluff or better known as “gaya only” (for style sake) adds up to the sky-high cost.

malaysia government dental clinicAfter I had my tooth treatment done, I just have to pay another two Ringgit (RM 2).

All in all, for my half an hour visit to a government dental clinic, get my tooth filled, I only paid three Ringgit (RM 3)!

If I would to go to a private dentist, I would easily have to cough out one hundred Ringgit (RM 100) to have my molar filled. In other words, I have saved ninety seven Ringgit (RM 97).

So, check out your nearest government dental clinic and save your money today and spend it on some other stuff you desired or donate a couple of dollars to one of those charitable causes.

Update 28 August 2015: Today I went for dental scaling aka periodontal therapy. It is a process of eliminating the etiologic agents.

It costs me RM 2 only.

I have checked with my neighborhood dental clinic and the price of dental scaling is between RM 80 to RM 100.

I have saved RM 78 to RM 98!

But the downside is you have go to the clinic twice. The first time is to make the appointment. And the second time is to do the scaling.

And you have to wait for about two months to get the scaling done.

Well, for those of you Malaysians who can afford to wait, then you can save an astronomical amount of money.