Malaysian Playboy Bunny Felixia Yeap Becoming A Muslim

Another controversial news from Malaysian Playboy Bunny Felixia Yeap Chin Yee from Ipoh.

She is going to become a Muslim the coming Ramadan.

It was reported that this 28 year-old former voluptuous kindergarten teacher is embracing Islam on her birthday which falls on July 3, 2014.

Malaysian Playboy Bunny Felixia

Malaysian Playboy Bunny Felixia Yeap

In 2009 Felixia Yeap told The Star, she loves beaches was because she get to wear really tiny bikinis and run around in public!

Felixia Yeap said that she had received her mother’s blessing to convert to Islam.

Her mother was also supportive of her job as Playboy Bunny girl in Macau club.

Now, this is the interesting part:

Yeap told The Star Malaysia that many others who were converted to Islam, were disowned by their families and there were some who even hid their conversion so they would not be disowned.

“I admit that if my dad had not left the family, the same thing might have happened. But Allah knows best. Maybe this is one hikmah (silver lining) from their divorce.” source

This ex-Playboy Bunny and model told Malaysian Insider, people say she did this to find a rich Malay Datuk to marry.

She defended that if she wanted to find a rich man, she would have done it a long time ago when she was still modelling in sexy poses.

Now we know Felixia Yeap converted to Islam on July 3, 2014 and her Muslim name is Raisyyah Rania Yeap.

She is married to a Malay man by the name of Dr Rezal Khairi Ahmad on 7 June 2015.

Now, this former Malaysian Playboy bunny Felixia who used to work at a club in Macau, says she only wants to cover up more and do more decent modelling.

Another famous Malaysian Chinese girl who posed for the Playboy Magazine is Jacinta Lee.

Jacinta Lee also became a Muslim and adopted the name Jasmina Jacinta Lee Abdullah in 1999.