Malaysian Royal Tragedy:Tengku Puteri Kamariah And Her Son

Check out this Malaysian royal tragedy which happened back in year 2006. It was a shocking tragedy involving a Malay royal family members.

A grisly tragedy shattered the quiet affluent neighborhood in Pekan, Kuantan on the 24th July, 2006 afternoon. To be exact, in Villa Ismaputri at Lorong Kubang Buaya, Pekan, Kuantan. Pahang.


The 21 year-old prince Tunku Rizal Shahzan stabbed his 69 year-old father Tunku Ismail Tunku Sulaiman with a screwdriver, and then killed his 64 old-year mother Tengku Puteri Kamariah Sultan Abu Bakar with a hunting knife, when she went to protect her husband.

The late Tengku Puteri Kamariah who was killed by her own son, was half-sister of Ahmad Shah, the Sultan of Pahang.

tengku puteri kamariah killed by own son Tunku Rizal Shahzan

According to a local press, the neighbours who claimed to have witnessed the tragic attack said that the prince Tunku Rizal Shahzan appeared dazed and deranged after the killing. His eyes were bulging and red in color.

designer drug syabu methamphetamine
Syabu Or Methaphetamine

He was believed to have been under the influence of the psychotropic drug, syabu. Tunku Rizal Shahzan died later from an apparent overdose at the Tengku Ampuan Afzan hospital, Kuantan.

As reported in the papers, a neighbour with his friends who was in the vicinity, said he noticed the young prince was behaving strangely. He jumped out of the side balcony and walked on the fibreglass roof before jumping into his house compound.

Tengku Puteri Kamariah murdered by own son

He was in a deranged state and started pacing in front of his house like a man possessed. He was seen saying that he was scared of something.

A few minutes late, Tunku Rizal Shahzan returned to his house and went to the kitchen. Upon realizing that her son had grabbed a screwdriver, Tengku Puteri Kamariah tried to stop him from attacking his father, who was partially paralyzed.

In the midst of struggling, the deranged youth grabbed a hunting knife and slashed her in the back before turning on his father.

It was the scream of the couple’s Indonesian maid which sent the neighbour and his friends came rushing. They managed to overpower Tunku Rizal and tied him up with a rope.

The neighbor tried to help Tengku Puteri Kamariah Sultan Abu Bakar , but it was too late.

According to the neighbor, just before Tengku Puteri Kamariah’s breath, she told him to tell her son to repent and for him to have whatever he wants of the family’s possessions.

A few minutes later, the police arrived and took the prince to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan hospital where he died six hours later. While his father Tunku Datuk Ismail Tunku Sulaiman who was seriously attacked had to undergo a five-hour operation and is reported to be in stable condition.

Tunku Rizal Shahzan was the youngest of the couple’s eight children. It was said that botht the parents were very fond of this son that she refused to believe that he may have had a drug problem.

tengku puteri kamariah buried in pekan pahang
image: The Star

Tengku Puteri Kamariah Sultan Abu Bakar was given a royal funeral, attended by many dignitaries, while her son Tunku Rizal Shahzan was buried several metres away in a simple ceremony after all VIPs had left.