How Do Malaysians Access Blocked Websites?

Websites blocked Malaysia from access.Yes, you hear me right.

Not Malaysia is blocking it, but rather it is blocking us.

From our research we found that Malaysia is one of the country which has been blocked by a certain Asian Mak Nyah site.

When you click onto the images of young gorgeous feminine-looking transsexuals/transvestites or Mak Nyah, you will see this message:

how malaysians access blocked sitesMalaysia has been blacklisted or rather blocked by this site owner. Yes, as it says Malaysia has been blocked from our site due to extensive billing fraud, hacking and copying violations.

So, how do Malaysians access blocked websites? Yes, via proxy server.

What Is A Proxy Server?
It is computer network system or application where it allow you to make indirect network connections to other network services.

Just google for ‘proxy server list’. One the proxies, one of the more popular one is

What you need to do is copy the URL of the blocked site into the search box and click on “Hide My Ass!” Viola! Now you can see those beautiful Mak Nyah.