Thousands Of Malaysians Making Cash Online From Home. Are You One Of Them?

The other day a page pop up after I went over to a wildly popular adult “X” site.

The page is called Career Journal with a Malaysian flag on it.

It is a one page site with just one article titled “Have You Ever Considered Working Online?” apparently written by a beautiful lady called Amanda Winston.

In the article, it mentions about a sexy lady by the name of Citra Yusof from Kuala Lumpur.

How Citra discovered her secret to making good money from home, beating the recession and being able to provide for her family.

The so-called writer of that article claims she read Citra Yusof’s blog last month and that was how her life-changing story got appeared in the weekly consumer report.

It goes on to say how the writer learned about her amazing story where Citra from KL makes about MYR15,000-MYR18,500 a month working from home.

facebook millionaire scam malaysia

Citra Yusof just filled up a short form and applied for a work-at-home kit. And she needs to pay a so-called activation fee of under MYR6. Within a month, this gorgeous girl from Malaysia was making over MYR10,000 a month. Citra said she doesn’t even have to sell anything and nobody has to buy anything. Just like that.

As mentioned on the website, it is very easy to start making money right away. Just go to Facebook Millionaire to set up your account. Then they will give you the website links to post.

Then you should be getting your first cheque within a week or so. Or you can have the money wired directly into your bank account.

Read this. It says: Your first check will be about MYR1,500 to MYR4,500 a week. Then it goes up from there.

Depends on how many links you posted online.

Here is an interesting bit. Look at the so-called free trial promotion dateline below.

Well, today is Monday June 2, 2014. But the dateline is Tuesday, June , 2013! (Yes, precisely it was last year!!).

facebook milionaire system make money from home scamIt even features 10 mock responses (out of 77 as claimed) to the article. Then right after that it states: “Comments have been closed due to spam. Please check back later.”

The site also claims that this make money from home site was featured on Sabah Times, The Malay Mail, Malaysia Today, The Star, New Straits Times, CNN and BBC.

citra yusof make money from home scam

It includes a YouTube clip titled “Good Money” appears to be a news report from ABC News Now.

It features the female host by the name of Tanya Rivero talking about making money from home.

You can see both ABC (American Broadcasting Company)logo and ABC News NOW logo on the screen. But nothing about “Facebook Millionaire”.

Make money from Facebook scamThere is even a weather forecast map on the site showing the weather conditions of Malaysia.

Check this out. Almost all the hypertext links on this website lead to just ONE page, “Facebook Millionaire” site.

That even include the word “weather”!

Oh yes, like many other Malaysians I am not too keen on this make-money-from-home idea, I just like to know this filthy rich lady, Citra Yusof from Kuala Lumpur!

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