Malaysia’s First Obedient Wives Club For Muslims Only

According to the latest Malaysian news report, Hollywood has its “The First Wives Club” back in 1996. And now, Malaysia has its first “Obedient Wives Club“.

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The First Wives Club Movie

“The First Wives Club” is just a comedy movie, based on the novel of the same name by Olivia Goldsmith. This award-winning movie is about three angry divorced women seeking revenge on their husbands who left them for younger women.

This controversial “Obedient Wives Club” which was launched by Selayang Umno deputy chief Mohamed Nasir Ibrahim at a golf club in Templer’s Park on 4th June 2011.

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Malayian News: Obedient Wives Club

Interestingly, on the launch the vice-president of the “Obedient Wives Club”, Rohaya Mohamad urged its Muslim female members to be “whore in bed” and faithfully obey their husbands wishes. Or your Abang can hit you, you know.

As reported in The Star, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’ Department Senator Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim, she suspected this club is managed by their husbands who are sending a wrong and confusing message to the public.

Anyway, to practise polygamy is already confusing enough among many people. In fact the issue of polygamy or “kahwin-lagi” (got married again) is an evergreen joke among Malaysians.

I remember there was this polygamist Pakcik in my kampung. Each time when his non-Muslim neighbors met him, instead of being greeted with the typical Malaysian “Sudah makan?” (Have you eaten?), they would teasingly asked him, “Sudah kahwin lagi?” (Got Married again?)

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