Maybank Phishing Email Scams : Maybank 2u Account Holders Beware!

Malaysians who use the financial portal, Maybank2u, you better beware of  Maybank phishing email scams. I would say Maybank phishing attack is getting rampant these days.

Maybank Phishing Site
Always remember this: Maybank NEVER send out emails with attachments or links leading to So, NEVER ever click on any unknown email links from any so-called “Maybank emails”. Maybank2u NEVER sends you any security verification  email.

One more thing, many of you Malaysians assume that you won’t fall victim to Maybank2u phishing scams. But one of these days, you may carelessly overlook and think there is something wrong with your Maybank2u account. Believe it can happen. It has already happened to many other Malaysians.

So, always be full alert towards any email you receive daily. The safest way is to ignore any unknown email. Don’t be taken in by local names, or simple greetings like,  “Hello” or “Hi there”. Or message like that your Maybank2u account blocked.

Take note. Maybank NEVER request for your particulars or to apply for a TAC number. DO NOT log in to via any email links.

Below is a Maybank2u Phishing Email which I received yesterday:

maybank email phishing scam

Maybank Phishing Report
If you come across any so-called email from Maybank, DO Not reply, but quickly instead make a Maybank phishing report at this link.

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