MCA Wanita Youth Girls aka MCA Glam Girls Are Models?

As reported in Malaysiakini, four of the the so-called “MCA Youth Girls” Or “MCA Glam Girls” at the Oct 2 MCA Youth AGM are actually professional models, as exposed by an anonymous online user.

The four pretty “MCA Wanita Girls” are: Kiwi See, Miss Ho, Miss Ng and Miss Kwan.

"mca babes glam girls"
MCA Glam Girls

There are allegations that these sweet Malaysian Chinese women aka “MCA Babes” were paid to be present at the recent MCA Youth AGM, as part of a publicity stunt or “eye candy” to help promote MCA Youth’s intake of female members next year.

Beliawanis MCA chief Tee Hooi Ling told Malaysikini, some of the female participants at the MCA Youth AGM on Oct 2 were party members and some were observers.

She commented that it was “very disgusting” of people to question the MCA young ladies membership just because they these women are pleasant looking.

Well, if you want to check out whether these so-called “MCA Wanita Youth Girls“, “MCA Babes, “MCA AGM Girls” orĀ  “MCA Glam Girls” are actually professional models or not, then pop over here.

*Latest: MCA Youth chief, Wee Ka Siong, has slammed PKR over lurid photos of several girls who were present at the MCA Youth AGM on Oct 2.

As reported in The Star, Wee said the faces of several Beliawanis members who attended the AGM as observers were superimposed on pornographic images of other women.

He added the superimposed pictures appeared after PKR Youth information chief Lee Khai Loon had criticized Beliawanis.

Latest Malaysiakini reports: PKR Youth information chief Lee Khai Loon denied that PKR Youth had anything to with the postings. Lee demanded an apology and retraction from Wee within 24 hours.

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