Malaysian-Born Mei Poh Loh Principal Of Vidal Sassoon Academy Shanghai

Mei Poh Loh. Does her name ring a bell to Malaysians? Well, probably not many Malaysians. But I am sure you have heard or read about the world-known hair stylist Vidal Sassoon or his hair products.

mei poh vidal sassoon shanghai

Malaysian-born Chinese lady Mei Poh Loh is currently the the Principal of Vidal Sassoon Academy in Shanghai, China.

In fact she was featured in the March issue of Clove (of The Star) back in 1998. At that time she was back in Kuala Lumpur to star in a commercial for Vidal Sassoon. According to the article, Mei Poh Loh used to live in Air Tawar, Perak, then she moved to Ipoh, where her mother and sister opened up a hair salon. It was by helping out in the hair salon which inspired her choice of career.

Mei Poh Loh principal Shanghai Vidal Sassoon Academy

Then she and her mum moved to New York. In 1990 Mei Poh enrolled for a Vidal Sassoon course at the Santa Monica Academy. The following year in April, this creative lady was offered by Vidal Sassoon to join them as a stylist.

By 1995, Mei Poh became its instructor. In 1988, she was promoted to the Art Director. As mentioned in Vidal Sassoon site, during her tenure as the Art Director, Mei Poh led seminars and master classes for international beauty shows in the United States and also played an active role in the annual New York Fashion Weekly, working with designers to create brand new hairstyles.

In addition, she participated in Vidal Sassoon Hair Show held in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. In 1999, Mei Poh was transferred to Vidal Sassoon Academy Shanghai. And she has been the principal of of Vidal Sassoon Academy in Shanghai since 2004.

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