Melayu Main Lama With Free Produk Intim Rumahtangga

The other day I overheard someone remarked, “Apa lagi Melayu Mau? First I thought he was still talking some political stuff; making reference to Utusan Malaysia front-page headline: “Apa Lagi Cina Mau?” after the 13th General Election last year.

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I was wrong.  In fact he was jokingly making fun at the online ad which says: “Melayu Main Lama“.

This advertisement is promoting a herbal supplement for men. One of those ubat kuat lelaki. It claims that this concoction which comes in a capsule form and it can improve the blood flow to the part of the body which is most needed. You should know where lah.

You just take this produk intim rumahtangga ( direct translation: intimate household product) and within one to three weeks, you can feel the big hard difference. It is to be taken every day after meal and not just before you “get into action” with your bini pertama (first wife), kedua (second), ketiga (third) or isteri keempat (fourth wife),  like Viagra or the Musli Power Extra capsules from India?

For Malaysian men who really need it real quick, you just SMS and they will deliver it to you via Pos Laju. Some more, no charge for Pos Laju.

Read some of the testimonials by Melayu abang and pakcik below:

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