Is The Melody Of Malaysia’s Janji DiTepati Similar To Indonesia’s Serukan NamaNya?

Is the melody of Malaysia’s 55th National Day’s theme song “Janji Ditepati” SIMILAR to an Indonesian gospel song “Serukan NamaNya”?

“Serukan Namanya” which means Call out His name. It is performed by a Christian band called True Worshippers.

As I am no musician or musicologist, I am NOT sure. They both sound music to my ears.

janji ditepati serukan namanya

You can read more over at Malaysian Insider.

In the mean time, listen to both renditions of “Janji Ditepati” and “Serukan NamaNya” below. Then  you decide for yourself.

Malaysia’s “Janji Ditepati”
Indonesia’s “Serukan NamaNya”