Enjoy Million Of Free Songs Online With Music Streaming Service Deezer

If you experience irritating technical problems with Spotify, like sound card not working and songs get stalling all the time, then maybe you would like to check out this similar French web-based music streaming service called Deezer.

access million free songs online with deezer

Deezer also has a free account called Discovery. For 6 months you get to enjoy all the great music with unlimited time period . But after that, you are limited to 2 hours per month only.

Record Music From Deezer For Free

To overcome this limitation, you can always capture and record your favorite music from Deezer for your own listening pleasure. Here are three free tools available online.

1. Deezify

2. Audacity

3. Freecorder

4. Deezer Search (Firefox Add-on. Note: Not available for Firefox 32.0)

5. Orbit Downloader

But if you prefer to sign up for its paid service, then read here.