Mormon Polygamy Marriage | Twin Sisters And Their Cousin Share A Husband

Here is another Mormon polygamy stories:
The man who who married a pair of twin sisters and he is also married to their cousin! Confused? Or Shocked? Welcome to the world of  Fundamentalist Mormon families from Salt Lake City, Utah.

mormon polygamous marriage

The happily married man who lives a polygamous life is 43 year-old Joe Darger, who runs a construction company. He lives together with his three wives in a large family home and have 24 children. The twin sisters are Vicki Vicki and Valerie, while their cousin is Alina.

Joe started out married two women at the same time; Vicki and Alina back in 1990. Then in 2000, Valerie joined the family as his third wife. [source and image: mailonline]

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