New Shanghai Pavillion Kuala Lumpur BBQ Chicken Pau Or Bun No Good

I have yet to try out the variety of dim sum, cakes and puffs at New Shanghai Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. But from what I have read from its Facebook, I am shocked by the many negative and angry comments about its horrendous customer service. Ranging from rude staff, to lackadaisical attitude to tardiness. I also came across a food blog saying  its food is overly-priced and also its notorious bad customer service.

new shanghai pavillion kuala lumpur
New Shanghai Pavillion KL

It’s a shame because this newly-opened New Shanghai Pavillion KL offers quite an interesting array of food and not forgetting its chic Oriental-inspired shop design.

So far I have only tried its BBQ chicken pau (bun or dumpling) and it is not to my taste. The dough is thick and lumpy. I still prefer Pak Hailam Kopitiam BBQ chicken pau. The wholemeal dough is softer and the size is bigger. Plus the price of New Shanghai bun or bao is more expensive (RM3.50 each) than Pak Hailam’s.

Anyway, many online reviews and articles  label New Shanghai Pavillion KL as a halal (pork-free) dim sum place.  Please take note, pork-free is NOT necessary Halal. An eatery which doesn’t serve pork is NOT considered as halal.  I am not too sure whether it is a Jakim certified halal restaurant.