NTV7 Chinese New Year 2012 Drama The Superb Matchmakers Of Pasir Penambang

Did anyone of you watch NTV7 Chinese New Year 2012 special drama entitled ” The Superb Matchmakers“? After watching that show,  only then I realized that the Chinese folks of Pasir Penambang are so backward and they are a bunch  of  “village fools”.

ntv7 the superb matchmakers chinese new year 2012
NTV7 The Superb Matchmakers Chinese New Year 2012

I know the story “The Superb Matchmakers” is fictional and it is a comedy. In this 120-minute NTV7 dramedy TV show, the Chinese fishing coastal town Pasir Penambang is not just used as a backdrop for the show. In the story, the cast is playing people living in the present Pasir Penambang,  Kuala Selangor.

Frankly, I did not know that the Chinese folks of Pasir Penambang is so “suaku” (literally translated in Hokkien dialect as mountain tortoise) or it means someone who has not been exposed to the society and is not well-informed about many things. Ya, similar to the Malay proverb “katak dibawah tempurung”.

I know it is a small town or village which  is about 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, but I really  did not know that there are Chinese girls living there who still think  the stiff short permed hairstyle of the Sixties is still in vogue! Another thing I learn from  this Chinese New Year show is folks there either walk, ride a bicycle or a kupcai (motorbike).

Even though the show “The Superb Matchmakers”  is draggy and boring, but I have learned so much about this small coastal town . Now at least it makes me want to go  back  time and to check out the Ah Beng , Ah Lian,  nerdy  school teacher and some of those “village fools” of  Pasir Penambang at Kuala Selangor.