Online Translator Jobs Ad Scam Using Tudung-Clad Malay Girl

If you go online in Malaysia, chances you will come across this too-good-to-be-true advertisement offering translator jobs specially for Malaysia residents? It even used a tudung-clad Malay girl or awek Melayu on the ad to make it appears more authentic.

Below here are some samples of the advertisement. If you click on them, it will take you an advertorial on a news site.

translator jobs malaysia scam

According to the advertorial, it says that many companies in the USA need translators to translate simple documents online, such as emails, website content, movie subtitles, and etc.

There is a big demand for translation jobs and it is  a great opportunity for anyone to earn extra money.

Surprisingly, it says that you do not have to speak perfect English. Just basic knowledge of English is suffice.  Sure or not?

On this particular advertorial, it features a very closed-up photo of a guy holding up Hong Kong And Shanghai Banking Corporation check covering three-quarter of his face, only exposing his eyes. It is said to be his monthly check of RM 40,514.

This hidden guy below who is supposed to be a student by the name of Harris who says to  earn between $150 and $300 USD every day.

real translator jobs scam malaysia residents

All you got to do is sign up with the company, review the job posting and get it done.

You will be paid once a month by check, PayPal or bank wire transfer. On this ad, it says: Get paid with PayPal, Xoom, bank deposit, check or even Western Union!

On the opt-in form says: Fill out the form to get started translating and receive other money making opportunities!

When you sign up, it will lead you to page which says: Just Imagine Getting Paid Online translating simple documents from Malay into English.

Yes, you will see the most-used or rather misused online photo (especially those making money online ads) of a cheerful lady sitting on the floor with a laptop and with her two raised out-stretched arms in joy. Recognize this popular smiling lady on both online and print media?

translantor jobs scam online

You will find another photo of a wad of spread-out fifty Ringgit notes to attract you.  And the shocking remark: No experience Required! which is brightly highlighted in yellow.

As for the rate, the ad says: To translate simple emails, you will be paid up to $30 per email, simple documents up to $250/page, short books up to $2000/book, movie scripts up to $1000/script and audio conversations up to $1,000/recording.

It also reveals to you how much some of  the so-called members are making from this translating job offers. The photos of these so-called money-members are pixeled and their so-called names are withheld!

Interestingly, it even provides a calculator, where you can check how much you can make weekly, monthly and yearly with just a few hours of your time!

Next it reminds you not to worry if your English isn’t perfect. It specifically says that most translators are not 100% fluent in English!

It claims that it provides a lot of free tools that you can use to help you automatically translate Malay into English. They can also help you look up words you may not know, and even automatically correct your spelling, grammar and punctuation!

These free tools will give you an advantage over other translators. They can automatically correct your mistakes and speed up the amount of time it takes you to complete your work.

Today I’ve just signed up and there is a special valid only offer “For Malaysian
Residents Only”.

It says that “Because you’re so needed, I’ve been authorized to give you 50% OFF the normal startup fee for TODAY ONLY!

I just need to pay only $34. There is a mention of a  full 60 day money back guarantee.

Frankly I find this job offer questionable.  For instance:

1. As far as I know translation service is a highly-skilled professional job. Besides having the command of the language, one still needs to master the skills of doing a proper  translating job with years of experience.

But the ad mentioned boldly: NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED and one needs not be one hundred per cent fluent in English.

2. Why does one have to pay to access freelance jobs from the Internet? If I want any freelance job, all I got to do is just do a search online.

3. Why is the three security verified images on the ad cannot be clicked. If it is a properly registered website, then it should be able to be clicked.

Anyway,  when I checked around, I found there are many complaints and negative write-ups about this dubious site.