Pantai Redang Sekinchan Sabak Bernam Kuala Selangor

Have you  been  to Pantai Redang Sekinchan?  Yes, there is a short stretch of secluded beach at this coastal fishing village of Sekinchan Sabak Bernam, Selangor.

It is nothing spetecular, just a simple beach with broken seashells and some boulders. But it is an excellent place where you can unwind after a heavy meal of fresh seafood lunch from one of many restaurants in Bagan. You can either sit on the bench under the shady tree, or laze at the wooden tree house to enjoy the sea breeze.

sekinchan beach photo
Sekinchan Beach Photo

There is a Chinese temple in the vicinity, local folks selling drinks, tidbits, dried seafood and kites.  Talking about kites, Sekinchan beach is very windy and it is a good place to go kite flying.

Now there are two tree houses, together with some so-called swings creatively constructed out of old plastic chairs and thick ropes dangling from the trees. There is huge old rusty anchor and a couple of tame stray dogs wandering around.

pantai redang sekinchan
Pantai Redang Sekinchan

Sekinchan Beach Location
Once you reach Sekinchan town, you see a blue signboard by the roadside. There is a traffic light there, but you keep to your left. Just turn to the LEFT junction as indicated by the blue signboard as I have just mentioned.

sekinchan beach
Sekinchan Beach

Drive straight in and you will come to T-junction. You will see wooden shophouses.Now you turn RIGHT and keep driving till you see a smaller blue road sign which reads: PANTAI REDANG at a road junction. You should see a Malay warung (food stall) at th junction. Turn LEFT and drive in all the way and you will come to the Sekinchan beach. You will never miss it.

sekinchan pantai redang beach
Sekinchan Pantai Redang Beach