Penang Char Koay Kak At Lebuh Kimberly Fried Using Charcoal And Wood

In Malaysia, fried carrot cake is known as either as chai tau koay or char koay kak to people in Penang.

Basically fried carrot cake, char koay kak or chai tau kway is made of steamed rice flour and white radish.

It is cut into cubes or pieces and it is fried in lard (pig fat), eggs, bean sprouts (taugeh) together with dark seasoned sweet soya sauce. Garnished with spring onions.

famous penang char koay kak lebuh kimberly

There is one famous Penang char koay kak along Lebuh Kimberly. It is a roadside stall,located opposite the food court.

This fried carrot cake stall still uses the traditional method of cooking. It uses charcoal and woods to fry this delicious Chinese food.

fried carrot cake calories

This chai tau kway stall solely is for ta pau or take-away. It is nicely wrapped in a banana leaf together with a piece of waxy brown paper.

I packed and have it in the Chinese coffee shop at the junction of Jalan Kuala Kangsar and Lebuh Kimberley.

This Penang char koay kak at Lebuh Kimberly tastes good, but I find it to be overly oily. Too much lard. It even soaked through the waxy paper!

penang char koay kak

Fried Carrot Cake Calories

By the way, the calories for fried carrot cake or char koay kak is about 470 per plate

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